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Fatty liver? Try THIS 60-second morning ritual to reverse it fast

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Fatty liver? Try THIS 60-second morning ritual to reverse it fast



n behavioral ecology, polyandry is a class of mating system where one female mates with several males in a breeding season. Polyandry is often compared to the polygyny system based on the cost and benefits incurred by members of each sex. Polygyny is where one male mates with several females in a breeding season (e.g., lions, deer, some primates, and many systems wherorized that polyandry is more prevalent in organisms where incompatibility is more costly, and where this incompatibility is more likely. The former is especially true in viviparous organisms. Where the cost of having a low-quality father is significant, however, an organism is less likely to be polyandrous.

Benefits and costs of mating for females
The adaptive significance of polyandry in animals is controversial. Polyandry has direct benefits for females allowing fertilization assurance, provision of resources, and parental care for their offsprie there is an alpha male). A common example of polyandrous mating can be found in the field cricket (Gryllus bimaculatus) of the invertebrate order Orthoptera (containing crickets, grasshoppers, and groundhoppers). Polyandrous behavior is also prominent in many other insect species, including the red flour beetle and the species of spider Stegodyphus lineatus. Polyandry also occurs in some primates such as marmosets, mammal groups, the marsupial genus' Antechinus and bandicoots, around 1% of all bird species, such as jacanas and dunnocks, insects such as honeybees, and fish such as pipe

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