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Congratulations! You can get a $90 American Airlines gift card!

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Congratulations! You can get a $90 American Airlines gift card!



imentary rocks can be subdivided into four groups based on the processes responsible for their formation: clastic sedimentary rocks, biochemical (biogenic) sedimentary rocks, chemical sedimentary rocks, and a fourth category for "other" sedimentary rocks formed by impacts, volcanism, and other minor processes.

Clastic sedimentary rocks
Main article: Clastic rock

Claystone deposited in Glacial Lake Missoula, Montana, United States. Note the very fine and flat bedding, common for deposits coming from lake beds further away from the source of sediment.
Clastic sedimentary rocks are composed of rock fragments (clasts) that have been cemented together. The clasts are commonly individual grains of quartz, feldspar, clay minerals, or mica. However, any type of mineral may be present. Clasts may also be lithic fragments composed of more than one mineral.

Clastic sedimentary rocks are subdivided according to the dominant particle size. Most geologists use the Udden-Wentworth grain size scale and divide unconsolidated sediment into three fractions: gra classification of clastic sedimentary rocks parallels this scheme; conglomerates and breccias are made mostly of gravel, sandstones are made mostly of sand, and mudrocks are made mostly of mud. This tripartite subdivision is mirrored by the broad categories of rudites, arenites, and lutites, respectively, in older literature.

The subdivision of these three broad categories is based on differences in clast shape (conglomerates and breccias), composition (sandstones), or grain size or text

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