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100% Natural Solution to a Pain-Free Life with the Secret Power of Reflexology

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100% Natural Solution to a Pain-Free Life with the Secret Power of Reflexology



ting can occur as early as February. Gestation is about four weeks, and the young (which are altricial) are weaned at about eight weeks of age. There may be up to six kits in a litter, though four is more usual. In the southern and lower parts of their range, they produce two litters each year.

Douglas squirrels live in coniferous forest habitats along the Pacific Coast, from the Sierra Nevada (mountains) of California, northwards to the southwestern coast of British Columbia. Tamiasciurus douglasii prefer old-growth forests or mature second-growth forests, and some authors regard them as dependent on its presence. Mearns's squirrel is a distinctive subspecies of the Douglas squirrel that instead inhabits xeric pine forests in a small portion of Baja California.

Throughout most their range, Douglas squirrels essentially replace the American Red Squirrel, which inhabits the coniferous forests of the rest of North America, in these areas. The two species have very minimal overlap in the territory.

Douglas squirrels are territorial; in winter, each squirrel occupies a territory of about 10 000 square metres, but during the breeding season a mated pair will defend a single territory together. Douglas squirrels are active by day, throughout the year, often chattering noisily at intruders. On summer nights, they sleep in ball-shaped nests that they make in the trees, but in the winter they use holes in trees as nests. Groups of squirrels seen together during the summer are likely to be juvenil

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