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out of memory running a tcl spec test

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This spec test used to run to completion: now it panics, out of memory.

Grab a copy of  partcl and install svn-latest of parrot.

make spectest # you can kill this once it starts running parrot.
~/bird/bin/parrot tcl.pbc t_tcl/cmdIL.test #run the 

This yields

++++ cmdIL-1.29 PASSED
Parrot VM: PANIC: Out of mem!
C file src/gc/alloc_memory.c, line 142
Parrot file (not available), line (not available)

We highly suggest you notify the Parrot team if you have not been working on
Parrot.  Use parrotbug (located in parrot's root directory) or send an
e-mail to parrot-dev@lists.parrot.org.
Include the entire text of this error message and the text of the script that
generated the error.  If you've made any modifications to Parrot, please
describe them as well.

Version     : 1.2.0-devel
Configured  : Thu May 28 00:11:20 2009 GMT
Architecture: i386-linux
JIT Capable : Yes
Interp Flags: (no interpreter)
Exceptions  : (missing from core)

Dumping Core...

Change History

Changed 13 years ago by coke

Here's a much shorter tcl snippet that exhibits the same memory issues:

for {set i 0} {$i < 2000} {incr i} {
  set x {}
  for {set j 0} {$j < $i} {incr j} {
    lappend x 1435753299
  puts $i

Changed 13 years ago by coke

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Changed 13 years ago by coke

  • component changed from hll_interop to core

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  • keywords tcl blocker removed
  • status changed from new to closed
  • resolution set to fixed

Memory usage on this peaks closer to 70K now, allowing the snippet to run to completion[0].

[0] extremely slowly, but that's a ticket for another day.

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