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cross-HLL export/import is experimental

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The current method for loading libraries across HLLs, and importing symbols from them, is experimental both in design and implementation. Because it may take more than one release to get the kinks ironed out, we want to make sure that any users are acutely aware of that experimental status, and don't come to rely on something we plan to change at will.

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This is still marked as experimental in DEPRECATED.pod.

If this isn't an accurate assement of the current state, please reclose the ticket (it was closed with no explanation) and remove the notice in DEPRECATED.pod.

Changed 12 years ago by japhb

This is a confusion of process. Which of the following is the intended process?

1. Open a ticket to get agreement to deprecate. If approved, mark DEPRECATED.pod. Close the ticket, since the task was to mark the deprecation, and that mark was made, so the task is done.

2. Open a ticket to deprecate. If approved, mark DEPRECATED.pod. As long as the mark exists, leave the ticket open; close it only when the feature is removed (or the mark is removed, if the deprecation is reversed).

I assumed process #1 above when I closed this ticket originally. I'm guessing Coke is following process #2 ...?

Changed 12 years ago by coke

The ticket is to track either:

- something which is in core but experimental (and therefore might be removed.) - close the ticket when the item is no longer experimental, or when it's been removed.

- something which is deprecated but not yet removed. - Close the ticket when the item is removed.

In both cases, immediately add to DEPRECATED.pod. If the ticket is rejected, remove the notice.

Changed 12 years ago by coke

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  • summary changed from Mark new cross-HLL export/import as "experimental" by pre-deprecating it to cross-HLL export/import is experimental

updating verbage to be consistent with experimental status.

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