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06/25/09 01:56:41 (13 years ago)

This problem has nothing to do with what Whiteknight was doing in the io_cleanups branch. The config warnings were present in trunk long before that branch was created. So I'm taking the ticket.

I'm currently bisecting to try to determine the point of origin of the warnings. I failed to spot them earlier because I do not customarily log configuration output, and because this particular configuration step tends to spew its output one full screen above the 'you may now use make to build parrot' success message.



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    1 This post is an expansion upon an IRC ''#parrot'' post I made last night concerning warnings generated during '''' when run on code in the ''io_cleanups'' branch on Darwin/PPC.  Warnings were observed during config step ''auto::gettext''. 
     1This ticket concerns warnings generated during '''' during config step ''auto::gettext'' on Darwin/PPC.  These warnings were initially observed in the ''io_cleanups'' branch, but in fact were present in trunk from before the point at which that branch was created. 
    33''auto::gettext'' conducts an automated probe of your system to determine ''... whether the platform supports gettext. This is needed for Parrot internationalization.  They are  a set of tools that provides a framework to help other GNU packages produce multi-lingual messages.''