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Failed Pod extraction halts the build process

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Doing a "perl Configure.pl && make" on a fresh checkout of Parrot (r40146) fails as shown here:  http://paste.lisp.org/display/83841

It looks like "/usr/bin/perldoc" is appearing twice in the executed command. That is, the Makefile is executing:

/usr/bin/perldoc /usr/bin/perldoc -ud packfile-c.pod ../src/packfile.c

when it should be doing:

/usr/bin/perldoc -ud packfile-c.pod ../src/packfile.c

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Changed 13 years ago by jkeenan

I think we should try to exclude the possibility that this is an unwanted side effect of the fact that you were building Parrot here in an attempt to build Rakudo:

$ perl ./Configure.pl --gen-parrot
Generating Parrot ...
/usr/bin/perl build/gen_parrot.pl

Could you do a fresh output of Parrot from SVN HEAD and then configure and build Parrot without the --gen-parrot option, and then see if you get the same results?

Thank you very much.


Changed 13 years ago by Hinrik


The issue seems to have mysteriously disappeared (works with Rakudo and without). I've no idea why. Sorry for wasting your time. :)

You can go ahead and close this ticket. If this happens again and I figure out why, I'll reply to this ticket again.

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OP reports problem has cleared up; closing ticket.

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