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Failed Pod extraction halts the build process

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Doing a "perl Configure.pl && make" on a fresh checkout of Parrot (r40146) fails as shown here:  http://paste.lisp.org/display/83841

It looks like "/usr/bin/perldoc" is appearing twice in the executed command. That is, the Makefile is executing:

/usr/bin/perldoc /usr/bin/perldoc -ud packfile-c.pod ../src/packfile.c

when it should be doing:

/usr/bin/perldoc -ud packfile-c.pod ../src/packfile.c

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Changed 7 years ago by jkeenan

I think we should try to exclude the possibility that this is an unwanted side effect of the fact that you were building Parrot here in an attempt to build Rakudo:

$ perl ./Configure.pl --gen-parrot
Generating Parrot ...
/usr/bin/perl build/gen_parrot.pl

Could you do a fresh output of Parrot from SVN HEAD and then configure and build Parrot without the --gen-parrot option, and then see if you get the same results?

Thank you very much.


Changed 7 years ago by Hinrik


The issue seems to have mysteriously disappeared (works with Rakudo and without). I've no idea why. Sorry for wasting your time. :)

You can go ahead and close this ticket. If this happens again and I figure out why, I'll reply to this ticket again.

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OP reports problem has cleared up; closing ticket.

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