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[CAGE] Relocate xconf/ examples to examples/ directory

Reported by: allison Owned by: jkeenan
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Component: configure Version: 1.4.0
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As part of the general repository cleanup (and reducing clutter in the top-level directory), let's relocate the xconf/ directory to a subdirectory of examples/ (Jim Keenan confirms that the directory holds examples of a file-based configuration). I suggest moving:

xconf/samples/yourfoobar -> examples/config/file/configcompiler

xconf/samples/testfoobar -> examples/config/file/configwithfatalstep

Here's a list of files affected by the change:

$ fns . | xargs grep -n xconf
/Configure.pl:655:    perl Configure.pl --file=xconf/samples/yourfoobar
/Configure.pl:659:    perl Configure.pl --file=xconf/samples/testfoobar
/lib/Parrot/Test/Pod.pm:48:                        | xconf/samples/yourfoobar
/lib/Parrot/Test/Pod.pm:54:                        | xconf/samples/testfoobar
/MANIFEST:2168:xconf/samples/testfoobar     []
/MANIFEST:2169:xconf/samples/yourfoobar     []
/MANIFEST.orig:2167:xconf/samples/testfoobar          []
/MANIFEST.orig:2168:xconf/samples/yourfoobar          []
/t/configure/008-file_based_configuration.t:20:    my $configfile = q{xconf/samples/testfoobar};
/t/configure/008-file_based_configuration.t:43:    my $configfile = q{xconf/samples/yourfoobar}; 

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Implemented in a series of commit between r40468 and r40472.

Thank you very much.

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