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Segfault on Win32 when loading multiple op libraries

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Component: core Version: 1.4.0
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Patch status: Platform: win32

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On Win32 + MS VC++, the following segfaults:

.loadlib 'math_ops'
.loadlib 'obscure_ops'
.sub 'main' :main
    say "alive"

If I remove one or the other of these libraries, or re-order them, the effect is exactly the same. The segfault happens on line 1173 of src/runcore/main.c and always when loading the second dynops library (whichever one comes first seems to load just fine, and it explodes on the second one).

This is a serious issue since, IIRC, we're meant to have a Parrot release tomorrow, and since the Random PMC has been replaced by dynops Rakudo now needs to load two dynoplibs - both its own (perl6_ops) and also math_ops now. The upshot is that Rakudo is currently unbuildable on my platform (segfaults during compiling perl6.pir from PIR to PBC).

I'm trying to work out what's going on, but would really appreciate additional input from anyone else who can reproduce this and help debug the segfault. It doesn't seem to matter which dynop libraries are picked, and the above example is all stuff shipped with Parrot rather than being Rakudo specific.



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Changed 12 years ago by jonathan

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Changed 12 years ago by jonathan

I think that we end up looking at memory that a realloc has freed. This patch works around the issue by commenting out a probably more optimal code path. We could choose to rip out said optimization or work out a fix.

Index: src/runcore/main.c
--- src/runcore/main.c	(revision 40598)
+++ src/runcore/main.c	(working copy)
@@ -1085,6 +1085,7 @@
 dynop_register(PARROT_INTERP, ARGIN(PMC *lib_pmc))
@@ -1141,13 +1142,13 @@
     new_evc_func_table = (op_func_t *)mem_sys_realloc(interp->evc_func_table,
             sizeof (op_func_t) * n_tot);
-    if (core->flags & OP_FUNC_IS_ALLOCATED) {
+    /*if (core->flags & OP_FUNC_IS_ALLOCATED) {
         new_func_table = (op_func_t *)mem_sys_realloc(core->op_func_table,
                 sizeof (op_func_t) * n_tot);
         new_info_table = (op_info_t *)mem_sys_realloc(core->op_info_table,
                 sizeof (op_info_t) * n_tot);
-    else {
+    else {*/
         /* allocate new op_func and info tables */
         new_func_table = mem_allocate_n_typed(n_tot, op_func_t);
         new_info_table = mem_allocate_n_typed(n_tot, op_info_t);
@@ -1157,7 +1158,7 @@
             new_func_table[i] = interp->op_func_table[i];
             new_info_table[i] = interp->op_info_table[i];
-    }
+    /*}*/
     /* add new */
     for (i = n_old; i < n_tot; ++i) {

Changed 12 years ago by jonathan

bacek++ pointed out on IRC that the above probably leaks memory per op-lib loaded, mind...

Changed 12 years ago by jonathan

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Fixed by:

r40606 | bacek++ | trunk/src/runcore/main.c: [cage] Don't reuse reallocated func_table by old pointer in dynop_register



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