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22:32 Ticket #32 (Document Parrot backwards compatability policy) created by whiteknight
From RT#36249. We need to document how we guarantee/manage backwards …
21:47 WhereIsIt edited by cotto
add svn-commit-parrot list (diff)
20:58 WhereIsIt created by coke
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20:07 IOTasklist edited by coke
19:37 Ticket #31 (Implement Async I/O) created by coke
19:29 Ticket #2 (Documentation still shows parrotbug@perl.org) closed by coke
18:02 Ticket #30 (make shared libparrot with an already installed shared libparrot) created by rurban
(migrated from RT 39742) The reason for the problem to make shared …
17:33 NewParrotDeveloperGuide edited by gaurav
Monospaced program and path names, replaced some "your" -> "you're", other … (diff)
17:09 NewParrotDeveloperGuide edited by gaurav
'perl-doc' is the name of the Debian/Ubuntu package, not the program … (diff)
17:03 Ticket #29 (Add more files to the tutorial) created by whiteknight
examples/tutorial/ contains some nice information but also has a lot of …
16:42 Ticket #28 (Update 40_file_ops.pir) created by whiteknight
This file, from examples/tutorial/, needs to be reviewed and possibly …
16:15 NewParrotDeveloperGuide edited by gaurav
minor grammar fix: "learn so much ... so" -> "learn much ... so" (diff)
15:57 Ticket #27 (parrotbug@parrotcode.org still works and directs to old ticket system) created by cmasak@…
parrotbug@… still works and directs to RT, the old ticket …
15:00 WikiStart edited by coke
roadmap is important. keep it on top. (diff)
13:47 Ticket #9 (cannot attach tickets via trac) closed by coke
worksforme: I am now able to attach tickets. No clue what changed; closing ticket.
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07:02 Fixing GC Bugs created by leto
06:59 Perl 5 Components: Test Coverage Of Configuration And Build Tools created by leto
06:49 Perl 5 Components: Clean Up TODO Items created by leto
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06:44 Perl 5 Components created by leto
06:43 CodeCoverageStatistics created by leto
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06:30 NewParrotDeveloperGuide edited by leto
Since there are no file attachments, I am linking to attachments on old … (diff)
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fix some links (diff)
06:25 NewParrotDeveloperGuide created by leto
Still need to figure out attachments
06:24 Ticket #26 (failure during build on ubuntu intrepid amd64) created by RobertCollins
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06:08 SmokingParrot created by leto
06:07 YAPCEU2008 Talk Proposals created by leto
06:06 HackAthonYAPCEU2008 created by leto
06:01 ArchivedNewsEvents created by leto
05:56 BuildBot created by leto
05:50 ListOfPlatforms created by leto
List of Platforms
05:40 YAPCNA2008 Talk Proposals created by leto
05:32 OSCON2008 Talk Proposals created by leto
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05:26 WikiStart edited by leto
contributing to parrot (diff)
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Initial commit to convert News and Events (diff)
03:47 Ticket #1 ([META] Parrot 1.0) closed by coke
invalid: Trac provides milestones; any 1.0 related items should be tracked by …
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Added preamble. (diff)
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cleaned up formatting (diff)
21:44 PerlSixTesting created by moritz
First mind map of Perl 6 S24, Testing
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19:27 LlvmJitExperiment edited by rurban
19:26 Ticket #25 (PCT honors HLL) created by tene
Languages that use PCT should be able to live in their own HLL namespace.
18:28 Ticket #24 (non-equivalence of equal Hash key strings) created by pmichaud
Two strings of different encodings that otherwise compare as equal do not …


22:15 BranchDescriptions edited by coke
removed two obsolete branches (diff)
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add a pointer to IOTaskList (diff)
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14:57 Ticket #20 ([patch] fixed wrong wording and links) closed by Infinoid
fixed: Thanks, applied as r33653.
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