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Added the final few remaining languages. (diff)
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Added parrotjs, pynie, punie, pipp, pheme, perl6, ook, markdown, m4, lua (diff)
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Added jako, json, lazy-k, lisp, lolcode (diff)
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Added dotnet, eclectus, ecmascript, forth and hq9plus (diff)
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Added c99, Cardinal, Chitchat, Cola (diff)
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Added bf (diff)
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Added abc and befunge. (diff)
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Added WMLScript and Zcode (diff)
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Created a list of languages persuant to updating LANGUAGES_STATUS.pod. …
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18:19 Ticket #37 (crow.pir is broken) closed by particle
fixed: fixed in r33803. Config/JSON.pir was using the deprecated 'slurp' method. …
17:48 Ticket #37 (crow.pir is broken) created by whiteknight
tools/util/crow.pir appears to be broken after the IO changes. I don't …
16:40 Ticket #36 (Harmless test errors on Win32Vista) created by whiteknight
I'm getting two test errors on my Vista machine that look pretty harmless …
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Crazy wikitrickery to allow for a "rule 0" (diff)
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14:09 Ticket #35 (./parrot with no args leaks memory) created by coke
Revision: 33777 run the newly added tools/dev/vgp with no arguments, …
13:37 Ticket #34 (deprecate index syntax for substr) created by parrotcode@…
In PDD19 it says: {{ DEPRECATION NOTE: Possibly deprecate the substring …
11:26 Ticket #33 ([proposal] remove compilers/bcg) created by kjs
compilers/bcg is not used by any other component in parrot. For purposes …
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Changed references to online resources into links (diff)
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Formatted into a list, and added links to automagic roadmap, RT and Trac. (diff)
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fix unintentional link (diff)
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