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23:33 Ticket #63 (Failure in t/op/string_cclass.t) created by moritz
Parrot r34053 on i386 GNU/Linux fails one test: …
22:08 Ticket #62 (remove pirc/src) created by kjs
in compilers/pirc/src, there's an older manually-written (plain C) …
20:42 Ticket #61 (Investigate using an external hash library) created by coke
We spend a lot of cycles on our hand-rolled hashing, both in terms of …
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20:01 WhereIsIt edited by moritz
17:58 CallingConventionsTasklist edited by whiteknight
17:55 Ticket #60 (Refactor Integer.PMC overflow mechanism to use VTABLES) created by whiteknight
The overflow mechanism in Integer PMC uses MMD calls directly instead of …
15:06 Ticket #33 ([proposal] remove compilers/bcg) closed by whiteknight
fixed: Actually, on second-look it doesn't appear this is used anywhere. Deleted …
14:01 ChrootSetup edited by Infinoid
directions are for sid and intrepid, not etch and gutsy (diff)
07:32 Ticket #59 (OrderedHash exposes hash corruption) created by cotto
Storing items in a hash with certain keys can cause garbage to be added …


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19:49 Milestone 0.8.2 completed
17:59 Ticket #58 (improve management of intermediate file in heredoc preprocessor) created by kjs
PIRC's heredoc preprocessor writes its intermediate output to a file, …
17:21 Ticket #57 (pass an Interp into the heredoc preprocessor) created by kjs
the heredoc preprocessor of PIRC needs an Interp for finding the right …
16:10 Languages edited by coke
add basic pointer to kea-cl (diff)
16:05 Ticket #56 (set_global cannot store subs compiled with :anon into namespace) created by pmichaud
The set_global opcode is unable to store Sub PMCs that have been compiled …
15:33 LeaveTheNest created by coke
15:31 SmokingParrot edited by coke
14:45 Ticket #54 (spam ticket) closed by coke
invalid: Oh, yah, ticket spam! Exciting! Why did we switch from RT, again? Would …
13:59 Ticket #55 (decorate all function parameters with ARGIN etc.) created by kjs
All functions (or pretty much all of them) in PIRC should have their …
13:40 Ticket #54 (spam ticket) created by anonymous
This used to be a spam ticket, but now it's a knock-knock joke. Knock, …
12:16 Ticket #53 (crash during the tests for the configuration phase.) created by cognominal
I don't know the specific test that triggers the crash. On Mac OS X …
09:26 ListOfPlatforms edited by gaurav
(minor) Fixed link to Platforms/Windows. (diff)
09:23 Platforms/Windows edited by gaurav
Added link to attachment (diff)
09:17 Platforms/Windows created by gaurav
Moved content …
08:53 IRC edited by gaurav
Replicating the formatting from the old wiki (diff)
08:48 IRC created by gaurav
Moved from …
03:44 Ticket #52 (Parrot can't read from stdin) created by rgrjr
Copying this test code: […] into read-stdin.pir and running it in …


23:23 Ticket #51 (spam ticket) closed by cotto
23:22 Ticket #50 (None) closed by cotto
23:09 Ticket #51 (spam ticket) created by anonymous
This used to be a spam ticket, but now it's a Mark Twain quote about …
23:09 Ticket #50 (None) created by anonymous
This used to be a spam ticket, but now it's not.
21:11 Ticket #49 (install email2trac) created by coke
 https://subtrac.sara.nl/oss/email2trac/wiki/ We need this to bring trac's …
20:50 Ticket #48 (segfault exposed by partcl's t/cmd_break.t) created by coke
First, build a copy of partcl to use against parrot's svn HEAD: …
18:59 Ticket #47 ([PATCH] Lines using CONST_STRING must be all on one line) closed by coke
fixed: Looks like this was applied earlier in the day. Thanks for the patch!
17:29 Ticket #47 ([PATCH] Lines using CONST_STRING must be all on one line) created by doughera@…
Lines using CONST_STRING must be all on one line (see …
16:53 Languages edited by coke
profanity filter, engage. (diff)
16:41 Ticket #46 (Remove LANGUAGES.STATUS?) created by coke
gaurav++ just added https://trac.parrot.org/parrot/wiki/Languages
16:37 Languages edited by coke
Add partcl, mysteriously not copied over from LANGUAGES.STATUS. (diff)
16:25 WikiStart edited by coke
16:18 Ticket #45 (http://www.parrotcode.org/docs/gettingstarted.html broken) created by coke
11:13 <purl> jonathan [Sat Dec 13 17:36:57 2008] said: I think you have a …
14:44 Ticket #44 (Move commandline functions out of compilers/imcc/main.c) created by whiteknight
There are a number of functions dealing with parrot's commandline in …
14:13 Ticket #41 (spam ticket) closed by whiteknight
09:56 Ticket #43 (auto-headerize PIRC sources) created by kjs
PIRC sources are currently not subjected to the headerizer. All function …
09:53 Ticket #42 (make PIRC load-on-demand component) created by kjs
As suggested by pmichaud (I think PDS2008), it would be nice to have the …
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