and .


23:18 Ticket #81 (PDD19: Documentation of .HLL <hll_name>) created by barney
PDD19 says that the declaration of the hll root namespace is per file. …
12:08 Ticket #80 (document the default HLL root namespace) created by barney
In the absence of a .HLL directive the hll root namespace seems to be [ …


18:19 SmokingParrot edited by gaurav
Added a title, slight formatting changes, and a link to the recent smolder … (diff)
16:23 Ticket #79 (Parrot::Interpreter - run Pynie code) created by szabgab
with the attached test script I managed to load pynie.pbc but then the …
14:33 Ticket #78 (Remove executable code from src/jit/<ARCH>/jit_emit.h) created by whiteknight
From RT#38929. Currently, there is a lot of executable code in …
13:18 Ticket #77 (Parrot::Interpreter - should support multi-level namespaces) created by szabgab
Rakudo uses two levels of namespaces while the find_global method of …
12:32 Ticket #76 (Parrot::Interpreter - allow compilation of PHP script) created by szabgab
The attached test script should be in ext/Parrot-Embed/t/pipp.t After …
12:18 Ticket #75 (Parrot::Interpreter ->invoke cannot handle more than one arguments) created by szabgab
Even though its docs say it should be able to, Parrot::PMC->invoke() …
08:06 Ticket #74 (Parrot::Interpreter - cannot use Lua) created by szabgab
While trying to use Lua via Parrot::Interpreter I get the following …
02:30 Ticket #73 (SVN misclassifying .t files as binary, preventing 'svn blame') created by jkeenan
Tonight I tried to get a line-by-line SVN revision history on a '.t' file, …
01:56 NewParrotDeveloperGuide edited by tomyan


19:18 Ticket #72 ([patch]Patch for docs/book/) closed by barney
14:48 Ticket #72 ([patch]Patch for docs/book/) created by jimmy
This patch fixed typo in the book.
11:20 Ticket #71 (Fix class registry to allow HLL classes of identical names) created by pmichaud
(See also RT #43419 for other examples) Creating a HLL class with a name …
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