and .


19:50 Ticket #91 ("make realclean" causes Configure.pl to fail (missing pipp_hash.c)) created by pmichaud
At some point the Makefile for pipp has been damaged, such that "make …
05:53 PGEBestPractices edited by tewk
05:47 PGEBestPractices created by tewk
04:52 Ticket #90 (remove all [DEPRECATED] items) created by pmichaud
milestone ticket -- remove all [DEPRECATED] items
04:42 Ticket #89 (pct user docs) created by pmichaud
04:38 Ticket #88 (update pdd26-ast) created by pmichaud
Verify that pdd26-ast is up to date with current implementation and …
01:26 Ticket #87 ('make test' inoperable in languages/PIR/) created by jkeenan
According to languages/PIR/README, it ought to be a simple matter to run …


20:10 ListOfPlatforms edited by vkon
20:02 Languages edited by barney
Update info on Pipp (diff)
19:54 TicketSprint created by coke
19:44 Ticket #86 (Tcl/Tk for Parrot - next iteration.) created by vkon
Tcl/Tk binding for parrot, take 1 This currently does not work for Debian …
15:43 Parrot Virtual Machine Workshop 2009 edited by rblackwe
15:14 Parrot Virtual Machine Workshop 2009 edited by coke
14:28 Ticket #82 ([patch]simplified expression) closed by whiteknight
fixed: applied in r34275.
12:27 Ticket #85 (Add exported function Parrot_set_HLL()) created by barney
Currently there is no easy way to set the hll root namespace via the …
09:49 Ticket #84 ([patch][RFC] gc_ims.c) created by jimmy
there was a redundant if-condition in src/gc/gc_ims.c, and this patch …
08:29 Ticket #83 ([patch]remove unused code, change function to macro, redefined UNUSED ...) created by jimmy
UNUSED macro now support multi-args, and some function changed to macro to …
02:32 Ticket #82 ([patch]simplified expression) created by jimmy
len-1+1 seems it is a redundant expression. This patch simplified it.


23:18 Ticket #81 (PDD19: Documentation of .HLL <hll_name>) created by barney
PDD19 says that the declaration of the hll root namespace is per file. …
12:08 Ticket #80 (document the default HLL root namespace) created by barney
In the absence of a .HLL directive the hll root namespace seems to be [ …
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