and .


20:20 Ticket #117 ([todo] 4 different perl slurp methods in Parrot::) created by rurban
In our perl5 build system we have currently 4 slurp functions. …
18:31 Ticket #116 (intermittent failure of t/pmc/freeze_25.pir) created by Infinoid
I am getting an intermittant failure in this test, and others in #parrot …
17:35 Ticket #57 (pass an Interp into the heredoc preprocessor) closed by kjs
fixed: fixed in r34750.
17:04 Ticket #115 ([todo] make test with already installed parrot) created by rurban
With branches/pdd30install_stage3 we can make all parrot with an already …
12:18 NewParrotDeveloperGuide edited by barney
Add a note, saying the book is not up to date. (diff)
02:26 Ticket #114 (Win32 build failure due to incorrect `make` detection) created by bjoern
Trying to build parrot on a Win32 system with both Visual Studio.NET 2003 …
02:26 Ticket #111 ([Patch]changed args to marco, fixed typo, tidy comments) closed by Infinoid
fixed: Thanks, applied in r34730.
02:13 Ticket #113 ([PATCH] sal.h is not included in Visual Studio.NET 2003) created by bjoern
parrot/compiler.h has a _MSC_VER check to conditionally include the sal.h …
01:46 Ticket #112 ([patch] Add 'pop', 'push', 'shift' and 'unshift' methods to ...) created by geraud
While playing around with RSA, I tried to copy some code that dealt with …
01:12 Ticket #111 ([Patch]changed args to marco, fixed typo, tidy comments) created by jimmy
This patch changed Parrot_Interp interp to NULLOK_INTERP or NULLOK_INTERP, …


17:27 Languages edited by gaurav
Filled up the table on gil (diff)
11:45 NewParrotDeveloperGuide edited by tuxdna
05:18 GCTasklist edited by allison
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03:03 Ticket #110 (unable to create trac tickets) closed by allison
worksforme: okay, well, it works for me
03:02 Ticket #110 (unable to create trac tickets) created by allison
There seem to be several reports of this, so trying it out…
02:17 Ticket #95 ([patch]clean cages and reorder codes) closed by jkeenan
fixed: No complaints; no test failures; closing ticket.


21:45 Ticket #109 (remove File::Spec) created by particle
Doesn't seem to be used or tested: […] […]
21:12 Ticket #108 (remove Data::Replace?) created by coke
This library isn't tested at all, and doesn't appear to be used in the …
21:10 Ticket #107 (Deprecated: Data::Escape) created by coke
I propose we remove runtime/parrot/library/Data/Escape.pir ; it provides a …
20:48 Ticket #106 (Deprecated: Data::Sort) created by coke
I propose we kill runtime/parrot/library/Data/Sort.pir - there is now a …
17:10 Ticket #105 (Enforce NULL checks on C function arguments) created by Infinoid
In …
16:46 ParrotBestPractices created by coke
16:44 WikiStart edited by coke
15:51 Ticket #104 (interpinfo.pasm constants don't match docs in core.ops) created by coke
The constants in this generated file (presumably correct) need to be …
15:31 Ticket #103 (No self in PIR invoke VTABLE) created by whiteknight
This issue was discussed on the list, and in some comments from RT#47674. …
15:24 Ticket #102 (cpu_ret segfaults) created by coke
While the opcode says "don't use", if you do, you get a segfault: .sub …
13:05 Languages edited by barney
Add link to gil (diff)
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