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22:21 Ticket #25 (PCT honors HLL) closed by tene
19:00 Ticket #131 (test failures in Revision: 34994) closed by Infinoid
fixed: Fixed in r35001.
16:29 Ticket #131 (test failures in Revision: 34994) created by coke
make test fails on feather (linux) at this revision. See attached file …
12:31 Ticket #120 (Deprecated: DWIM.pir) reopened by coke
Thanks for the prompt action on this ticket, but I had opened it as an RFC …
09:22 Ticket #130 ([bug] failed build on windows xp with strawberry perl) closed by rurban
fixed: libparrot_shared pointed to blib/lib. Now pointing to the dll directly. …
03:05 Ticket #130 ([bug] failed build on windows xp with strawberry perl) created by jimmy
01:03 Ticket #120 (Deprecated: DWIM.pir) closed by jkeenan
fixed: Done in  r34951.
00:18 Ticket #117 ([todo] 4 different perl slurp methods in Parrot::) closed by jkeenan
fixed: I changed the names of two Parrot::Configure::Data methods, slurp()


22:14 Ticket #129 (fix load_bytecode without ext, do not recompile a .pbc) created by rurban
The patch fixes load_bytecode without extension, do not recompile the …
19:09 Ticket #128 (Honor source types in Parrot_locate_runtime_file) created by rurban
Forcing getting a pir or pasm with PARROT_RUNTIME_FT_SOURCE and …
16:12 Ticket #125 (Parrot won't build on windows due to new assert stuff) closed by kjs
fixed: The issue has been resolved.
16:00 Ticket #124 ([cage]removed unused codes) closed by Infinoid
fixed: Thanks, applied in r34923.
15:50 Ticket #118 ([patch]patch for editor.in) closed by Infinoid
fixed: Fixed by rurban in r34801.
13:57 Ticket #70 (rename compilers/pirc/new to compilers/pirc/src) closed by kjs
fixed: Fixed. Revision 34905 Date: 2009/01/04 00:22:40 Author: jkeenan Revision …


15:50 Ticket #127 (do not stat extensions when an extension was already given) created by rurban
See TT#126 and TT#123 src/library.c: Optimization for stats for library …
15:45 Ticket #126 (optimize load_bytecode, .include paths: no library/ and include/ prefix) created by rurban
Currently 70 files do load_bytecode "library/Stream/Sub.pir" …
12:33 Ticket #15 (Add char.set handling to string parsing in pirc) closed by kjs
fixed: implemented per r34872 and some earlier commits.
11:05 Ticket #125 (Parrot won't build on windows due to new assert stuff) created by kjs
The recent updates with parrot assert stuff prevents parrot from building …
09:51 Ticket #105 (Enforce NULL checks on C function arguments) closed by Infinoid
fixed: Replying to Infinoid: > I've just tested …
07:48 Ticket #124 ([cage]removed unused codes) created by jimmy
this patch removed unused codes.
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