and .


20:23 Ticket #136 (BASIC broken) created by coke
I was about to update languages/BASIC to account for the recent …
19:22 Pdd30InstallTasklist edited by allison
19:21 Pdd30InstallTasklist edited by allison
19:08 Pdd30InstallTasklist edited by allison
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18:28 Pdd30InstallTasklist edited by allison
17:56 Ticket #121 (t/pmc/eval.t test10 fails on cygwin) closed by rurban
fixed: Fixed by r35098 (MSWin32) and r35149 (cygwin)
16:16 Pdd30InstallTasklist edited by rurban
Added tar.bz2 of all unapplied patches (diff)
16:06 WikiStart edited by rurban
Added Pdd30InstallTasklist (diff)
16:05 Pdd30InstallTasklist created by rurban
15:59 WikiStart edited by rurban
14:45 Ticket #134 ([PATCH] Update Pod::Simple and Pod::Escapes to the latest version ...) closed by Infinoid
fixed: Replying to geraud: > Locally tested, no errors found. And …
10:47 Ticket #116 (intermittent failure of t/pmc/freeze_25.pir) closed by cotto
fixed: The problem was that freeze/thaw (and clone) of a Hash resulted in a …
04:18 Ticket #135 ([PATCH] [CAGE] Almost fix 'make doc_tests') created by geraud
Attached is a patched fixing most of the POD errors found while `make …
04:09 Ticket #134 ([PATCH] Update Pod::Simple and Pod::Escapes to the latest version ...) created by geraud
Here's a patch to update Pod::Escapes and Pod::Simple to 1.04 and 3.07 …


18:15 Ticket #133 (methodtailcall broken) created by kjs
04:02 PGEBestPractices edited by tewk
03:52 Ticket #132 (Can't thaw a Sub (or a PIR subclass of a Sub)) created by coke
Code: […] Output: […] I'd expect to be able to thaw this PMC, and …


22:21 Ticket #25 (PCT honors HLL) closed by tene
19:00 Ticket #131 (test failures in Revision: 34994) closed by Infinoid
fixed: Fixed in r35001.
16:29 Ticket #131 (test failures in Revision: 34994) created by coke
make test fails on feather (linux) at this revision. See attached file …
12:31 Ticket #120 (Deprecated: DWIM.pir) reopened by coke
Thanks for the prompt action on this ticket, but I had opened it as an RFC …
09:22 Ticket #130 ([bug] failed build on windows xp with strawberry perl) closed by rurban
fixed: libparrot_shared pointed to blib/lib. Now pointing to the dll directly. …
03:05 Ticket #130 ([bug] failed build on windows xp with strawberry perl) created by jimmy
01:03 Ticket #120 (Deprecated: DWIM.pir) closed by jkeenan
fixed: Done in  r34951.
00:18 Ticket #117 ([todo] 4 different perl slurp methods in Parrot::) closed by jkeenan
fixed: I changed the names of two Parrot::Configure::Data methods, slurp()
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