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Remove hq9plus from SVN (diff)
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HQ9+ is stable (diff)
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HQ9+ is nw on github.com (diff)
20:49 Ticket #167 (Cannot relocate source tree after compilation) created by szabgab
This might be highly related to the need to create an installable …
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no svn history (diff)
20:33 Ticket #166 (Install path on Win32) created by whiteknight
I just tried installing Parrot today on my Win32 machine. I didn't specify …
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Tell how HQ9+ left the nest (diff)
16:18 Ticket #83 ([patch]remove unused code, change function to macro, redefined UNUSED ...) closed by whiteknight
wontfix: I'm closing this ticket now. I've heard tell that STM is being ripped out …
03:35 Ticket #165 (Disable perl6-internals@perl.org mailing list.) created by pmichaud
We continue to get messages addressed to the <perl6-internals@…> …
00:01 Ticket #164 (complete implementation of find_outer for pirc) created by kjs
PIRC's bytecode generator emits Sub PMCs which need to find their :outer …


23:59 Ticket #99 (Implement :immediate and other sub flags that involve running subs) closed by kjs
fixed: :immediate subs run. :main works :load is handled by load_bytecode op …
23:56 Ticket #100 (Implement :slurpy and other PCC flags) closed by kjs
fixed: this is implemented.
23:53 Ticket #163 (implement keyed multi types) created by kjs
:multi types can be keys too, such as :multi(['A';'B']) This must be …
22:46 Ticket #162 (Parrot segfaults if specifying a non-sensical namespace) created by kjs
while inspecting imcc's parser, I noticed that a key, in a keylist, is in …
21:29 Ticket #161 (abc should not evaluate to 'last' in the abc language) created by szabgab
failing test attached (cannot select abc as Language on trac)
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Update info on Befunge (diff)
06:00 Ticket #160 ([PATCH] [CAGE] Perl-to-PIR conversion of two tests in the t/library/ ...) created by geraud
Patch attached. I'm not really sure about the unicode section in …
05:22 Ticket #159 (named class/pmc lookup in pir syntax such as new, isa, subclass, ...) created by coke
From DEPRECATED.pod: […]
05:16 Ticket #158 (deprecated: :anon and :vtable named parameters to add_method) created by coke
From DEPRECATED.pod […]
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03:10 Ticket #157 ([TODO] Merge parrotblog.org into parrot.org) created by allison
Before the 1.0 release, merge parrotblog.org into parrot.org. The tutorial …
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21:28 Ticket #137 (new $P0, ['Integer'] doesn't work in pir) closed by whiteknight
fixed: This should be fixed in r35353. I didn't remove all the special cases of …
16:00 Ticket #156 (remove unused function Parrot_find_global_k) created by coke
The function Parrot_find_global_k in src/globals.c is never used and …
15:55 Ticket #155 (Remove unused function Parrot_get_namespace_autobase) created by coke
The function Parrot_get_namespace_autobase in src/globals.c is never used …
14:05 Ticket #154 (subclassed ExceptionHandlers can't handle exceptions) created by cotto
Trying to use a subclassed ExceptionHandler causes a segfault. From the …
10:09 Ticket #153 ([patch]simplified PMC_is_null function) created by jimmy
this patch simplified PMC_is_null function
05:53 Ticket #152 (Do we need PARROT_CATCH_NULL?) created by coke
svn blame of PARROT_CATCH_NULL's definition says: […] This behavior is …
03:15 Ticket #135 ([PATCH] [CAGE] Almost fix 'make doc_tests') closed by jkeenan
03:10 Ticket #151 (t/pmc/exceptionhandler.t: File terminates early without explanation, ...) created by jkeenan
Running make smoldertest on Linux at r35324 tonight, I got this one …
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02:31 Ticket #112 ([patch] Add 'pop', 'push', 'shift' and 'unshift' methods to ...) closed by cotto
fixed: committed in r35327. Thanks for submitting!
02:04 Ticket #146 ([PATCH] [CAGE] Perl-to-PIR conversion of the remaining tests in t/oo/) closed by cotto
fixed: Nice work! It's good to see tests unTODO'd and some reduced code …
00:57 Ticket #147 (Remove unused (and broken?) real_self code) closed by whiteknight
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