and .


23:04 PMCUnionDeprecationTasklist edited by cotto
add tt ref for PMC_struct_val removal from mark_sweep (diff)
22:46 Ticket #178 ([TODO] remove PMC_struct_val from src/gc/mark_sweep.c) created by cotto
src/gc/mark_sweep.c has two (apparently complementary) uses of …
19:16 Ticket #177 ([PATCH] ignore trailing spaces in action keys) created by riffraff
While writing parsers with PGE I hit the following problem multiple times: …
16:57 Ticket #175 ([patch]add '=cut') closed by jkeenan
fixed: Applied in r35594. jimmy++
13:19 Languages edited by barney
Add Perk (diff)
09:37 Ticket #176 ([patch]improved indent_pir.vim) created by jimmy
this patch improved indent_pir.vim
08:56 Ticket #175 ([patch]add '=cut') created by jimmy
add '=cut' for POD
08:27 PMCUnionDeprecationTasklist edited by cotto
04:57 Pdd30InstallTasklist edited by allison
04:53 Pdd30InstallTasklist edited by allison
04:47 Pdd30InstallTasklist edited by allison
04:32 Pdd30InstallTasklist edited by allison
03:28 PMCUnionDeprecationTasklist edited by cotto
new plan needed (diff)
03:22 Ticket #171 (to get the right help from make) closed by jkeenan


23:26 PMCUnionDeprecationTasklist edited by whiteknight
adding a note about how this relates to the GC, which is going to need … (diff)
22:21 LeaveTheNest edited by barney
ack-grep -ial (diff)
18:20 LeaveTheNest edited by barney
Tell how eclectus left the nest. (diff)
18:18 Languages edited by barney
Eclectus is now on github (diff)
17:31 Ticket #164 (complete implementation of find_outer for pirc) closed by kjs
fixed: this is implemented. Not namespace-respecting, but that's fine. IMCC …
17:06 Ticket #174 (can't store strings in hashes in PIRC) created by kjs
generated bytecode to store strings in a hash doesn't work. […] …
17:03 Ticket #173 (lexicals not found in PIRC) created by kjs
lexicals can't be found in nested .subs. the following works in parrot, …
16:25 Ticket #138 (when we switch from svn.perl.org to trac, consider using git) closed by Infinoid
wontfix: Allison has announced to parrot-dev that they are moving to svn.parrot.org …
15:19 Languages edited by barney
Add status of primitivearc (diff)
13:12 Ticket #46 (Remove LANGUAGES.STATUS?) closed by barney
fixed: Move the remaining content over to the wiki and deleted the file.
13:08 Languages edited by barney
13:07 Languages edited by barney
12:44 Languages edited by barney
Fix table formating (diff)
12:39 Languages edited by barney
Add remaining HLLs from LANGUAGES_STATUS.pod, including the abandoned … (diff)
12:28 Languages edited by jimmy
12:27 Languages edited by jimmy
11:57 Languages edited by barney
Provide links to svn.perl.org and pipp.org (diff)
11:32 Languages edited by barney
Removed version column, as it wasn't very interesting (diff)
11:27 Languages edited by barney
Reorder alphabetically (diff)
11:22 Languages edited by barney
Added primitivearc (diff)
10:14 Ticket #172 (get rid of C-strings for STRING_TYPE constants in PIRC) created by kjs
strings are stored in PIRC as c-strings, just arrays of bytes. I should …
09:40 Ticket #6 (remove VtableCache PMC) closed by cotto
fixed: This PMC is history as of r35522. Many thanks to jimmy++ for his patches.
07:28 pmc_deps.png attached to PMCUnionDeprecationTasklist by jimmy
07:26 PMCUnionDeprecationTasklist edited by jimmy
07:19 WikiStart edited by jimmy
07:18 WikiStart edited by jimmy
07:17 WikiStart edited by jimmy
07:16 WikiStart edited by jimmy
07:10 PMCUnionDeprecationTasklist edited by cotto
06:46 PMCUnionDeprecationTasklist created by cotto
05:53 Ticket #84 ([patch][RFC] gc_ims.c) reopened by cotto
01:38 Pdd30InstallTasklist edited by allison
01:34 Pdd30InstallTasklist edited by allison
01:21 Pdd30InstallTasklist edited by allison
01:21 Pdd30InstallTasklist edited by allison
01:06 Pdd30InstallTasklist edited by allison
01:02 Ticket #84 ([patch][RFC] gc_ims.c) closed by chromatic
fixed: I applied something very much like this patch on the GC refactoring branch …


20:34 Ticket #169 (Duplicate line in PBC_COMPAT) closed by whiteknight
fixed: this should be resolved in the branch merger in r35504
19:33 Ticket #45 (http://www.parrotcode.org/docs/gettingstarted.html broken) closed by coke
19:24 Ticket #34 (deprecate index syntax for substr) closed by coke
fixed: This syntax is no longer in trunk, resolving ticket.
19:22 Ticket #69 (Whatever became of http://smoke.parrotcode.org/smoke/ ?) closed by coke
fixed: patch was applied, smoke is gone, smolder is the new hotness.
19:11 WikiStart edited by cotto
19:09 GSOC2009Tasklist created by cotto
initial version
18:35 Ticket #171 (to get the right help from make) created by gerd
Hello, here is a little patch, so that "make help" shows the right target …
16:34 Ticket #170 (Intermittent failures in t/op/arithmetics_27.pir) created by barney
In r35490 I get under Linux intermittent failures in …
11:18 Ticket #169 (Duplicate line in PBC_COMPAT) created by barney
The line 3.18 2008.07.16 bernhard remove opcode getfd is …
06:23 Ticket #168 (Deprecated: P6protoobject stringification) created by coke
From DEPRECATED.POD, added in r34906 by pmichaud. […]
03:30 Ticket #151 (t/pmc/exceptionhandler.t: File terminates early without explanation, ...) closed by jkeenan
fixed: Replying to jkeenan: > Running make smoldertest on Linux …
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