and .


23:27 PMCUnionDeprecationTasklist edited by cotto
just kidding about ManagedStruct and SArray (diff)
21:23 Ticket #185 (thawed subs with :vtable don't register properly for existing classes) created by jhorwitz
If a class is created before load_bytecode thaws a :vtable sub for that …
18:59 Ticket #8 (Various issues with get_class interface) closed by whiteknight
fixed: I'm decently certain that this issue is mostly fixed. The two examples …
18:13 Ticket #182 (src/pmc/Namespace.pmc:get_pointer_keyed should accept NameSpace arguments) closed by whiteknight
fixed: With help from Jonathan++, I found an alternate solution to this problem.
17:14 Ticket #184 (Methods on the Float PMC) closed by barney
fixed: Looks good. Fixed by infinoid++ in r35694.
12:25 Ticket #184 (Methods on the Float PMC) created by barney
When testing Pipp I ran into a regression. Some methods of the Float PMC …
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LexPad is partially done (diff)
09:28 PMCUnionDeprecationTasklist edited by cotto
'nother gotcha (diff)
09:13 Ticket #183 ([patch]consted lots of variable) closed by cotto
fixed: Looks good. I applied it (plus a minor beautification) in r35667 and …
09:03 PMCUnionDeprecationTasklist edited by cotto
added gotchas, fixed Float (diff)
08:38 PMCUnionDeprecationTasklist edited by cotto
unlinkify an unintentional wiki link (diff)
08:36 PMCUnionDeprecationTasklist edited by cotto
06:03 Ticket #183 ([patch]consted lots of variable) created by jimmy
This patch does: 1. consted lots of variable 2. add '=cut'for …
05:11 PMCUnionDeprecationTasklist edited by cotto
BigInt is converted (diff)
03:08 PMCUnionDeprecationTasklist edited by Infinoid
ITYM s/LexPax/LexPad/. HTH. HAND. (diff)
01:46 Ticket #175 ([patch]add '=cut') closed by jkeenan
01:45 Ticket #175 ([patch]add '=cut') reopened by jkeenan
01:43 Ticket #176 ([patch]improved indent_pir.vim) closed by jkeenan
00:12 PMCUnionDeprecationTasklist edited by cotto
add table of PMCs that can currently be converted (diff)


21:49 pobj_h_unionval_tracking.diff attached to PMCUnionDeprecationTasklist by cotto
patch to parrot used to generate attached files
20:03 Ticket #182 (src/pmc/Namespace.pmc:get_pointer_keyed should accept NameSpace arguments) created by whiteknight
get_pointer_keyed in the NameSpace PMC currently accepts the following …
15:14 Ticket #181 (Update VTABLE_morph to use a class PMC) created by whiteknight
This is a semi-continuation of RT#41825: …
13:32 Ticket #180 (.annotate fails inside PIR compiler) created by coke
Testing to make sure that the annotations in a dynamically compiled bit of …
01:18 Ticket #179 (segfault generating runtime/parrot/include/config.fpmc Revision 35610 on ...) created by theckman
During make, the following occurs […]


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add tt ref for PMC_struct_val removal from mark_sweep (diff)
22:46 Ticket #178 ([TODO] remove PMC_struct_val from src/gc/mark_sweep.c) created by cotto
src/gc/mark_sweep.c has two (apparently complementary) uses of …
19:16 Ticket #177 ([PATCH] ignore trailing spaces in action keys) created by riffraff
While writing parsers with PGE I hit the following problem multiple times: …
16:57 Ticket #175 ([patch]add '=cut') closed by jkeenan
fixed: Applied in r35594. jimmy++
13:19 Languages edited by barney
Add Perk (diff)
09:37 Ticket #176 ([patch]improved indent_pir.vim) created by jimmy
this patch improved indent_pir.vim
08:56 Ticket #175 ([patch]add '=cut') created by jimmy
add '=cut' for POD
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04:53 Pdd30InstallTasklist edited by allison
04:47 Pdd30InstallTasklist edited by allison
04:32 Pdd30InstallTasklist edited by allison
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new plan needed (diff)
03:22 Ticket #171 (to get the right help from make) closed by jkeenan
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