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23:28 Ticket #212 ([patch] Fix count_eh (with test)) created by rg
Currently, the count_eh opcode simply segfaults. After fixing the causes …
21:39 Ticket #211 (hash assertion failure after delete/clone.) closed by Infinoid
fixed: Fixed in r35896.
20:56 Ticket #211 (hash assertion failure after delete/clone.) created by coke
Found this in partcl (causing a very large spec test to fail); …
15:54 Ticket #210 (string_repeat siganture, maybe bug) created by NotFound
The string_repeat functions in string.c has a parameter d that seems to be …
13:50 Ticket #209 ([PATCH] MANIFEST.generated is missing installable_pbc_disassemble) created by doughera
Currently, pbc_disassemble is getting installed with the wrong path to the …
13:38 Ticket #208 (pbc_to_exe --install needs to use the path to the installed libparrot) created by doughera
When building parrot with a shared libparrot.so, pbc_to_exe currently …
09:59 Ticket #207 (Unsecure RUNPATHS in parrot 0.90) created by lu_zero
Gentoo Portage Q/A checks found this issue: * QA Notice: The following …


23:22 Ticket #206 (extend disassembler to print constants in const table) created by kjs
It would be really really helpful if pbc_disassemble could also print the …
22:52 Ticket #26 (failure during build on ubuntu intrepid amd64) closed by allison
fixed: chromatic fixed a segfault and this now works.
22:50 Ticket #4 (opcode deprecation review) closed by allison
done: Completed by chromatic for 0.9.0 release.
20:39 Ticket #205 (r35872 test fails on solaris) created by jsut
Test Summary Report ------------------- t/op/trans …
17:59 Ticket #204 (t/pmc/io.t: failure in I/O buffering test) created by jkeenan
We began to observe this test failure last night (Jan 20 2008) before the …
16:05 Ticket #203 (assign_pmc broken for pir subclasses?) created by coke
[…] this prints: […] but I expect it to print […] - this is …
11:02 Ticket #180 (.annotate fails inside PIR compiler) closed by jonathan
fixed: Fixed in r35859, and test based on the code in this ticket added to …
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21:48 Ticket #202 (parrotcode.org/docs/roadmap.html is empty) created by moritz
 http://www.parrotcode.org/docs/roadmap.html is an empty page, and not very …
19:55 Milestone 0.9.0 completed
19:43 Ticket #90 (remove all [DEPRECATED] items) closed by coke
fixed: All items that could be closed in time were; any remaining items should be …
18:53 Ticket #201 (atan opcode produces NAN with x86-32 JIT) created by chromatic
See test #13 in t/op/trans.t. For some reason, when running with the JIT …
17:29 Ticket #63 (Failure in t/op/string_cclass.t) closed by NotFound
05:36 pmc_unionval_pmc.log attached to PMCUnionDeprecationTasklist by cotto
PMC_x_val uses, sorted by PMC
05:35 pmc_unionval_file.log attached to PMCUnionDeprecationTasklist by cotto
PMC_x_val uses, sorted by source file
03:48 Ticket #200 (patch to quiet examples_tests) created by coke
I had hoped we'd get all the broken examples (see t/examples/catchall.t) …
00:48 Ticket #199 (fix handling of vtable methods) created by whiteknight
In object.pmc, all vtable overrides are invoked with …
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