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22:00 Ticket #231 (make -j2 test fails) created by moritz
I usually do […] and these days (for example r36039) it fails: …
21:55 Ticket #230 ([PATCH] add_method tests in t/pmc/class.t no longer seem to need ...) created by ronaldws
Tests were commented out with a comment "TODO not yet implemented". On …
15:43 Ticket #86 (Tcl/Tk for Parrot - next iteration.) closed by NotFound
done: File removed in r36034 Closing ticket
09:59 Ticket #229 (invoke build process of PIRC from main makefile) created by kjs
It would be really helpful if PIRC could be build as part of the Parrot …
09:58 Languages edited by barney
Add info about languages/pod (diff)
06:53 Ticket #226 (list_new_init seems like it would crash if called) closed by chromatic
fixed: Good catch. I took out some code here when I removed the SArray PMC in …
05:05 Ticket #228 (t/pmc/sub fails with runcore PBC) created by dmajnemer
perl t/harness --gc-debug --running-make-test -r t/pmc/sub.t […] …
05:01 Ticket #227 (t/op/pushaction fails with runcore PBC) created by dmajnemer
perl t/harness --gc-debug --running-make-test -r t/op/pushaction.t […] …
03:17 Ticket #226 (list_new_init seems like it would crash if called) created by dmajnemer
list_new_init has a VTABLE_set_integer_native on user_array, a PMC not yet …


19:34 Languages edited by barney
lazy-k moved to github (diff)
19:20 Languages edited by barney
unlambda left the nest to github (diff)
19:03 LeaveTheNest edited by barney
Mention target up-all (diff)
16:51 Ticket #225 (make perl6 installable) closed by rurban
fixed: applied with r35997
16:48 Ticket #225 (make perl6 installable) created by rurban
part of rt #56554 make-install-lang.patch installable_perl6, though …
07:33 Ticket #219 (t/tools/pmc2cutils/04-dump_pmc.t, t/tools/pmc2cutils/05-gen_c.t: Test ...) closed by cotto
fixed: The same fix worked for the other failing test file. They're both passing …


23:17 Ticket #224 (lib/Parrot/Pmc/Dumper.pm: Filename does not match package declaration ...) closed by chromatic
fixed: Exporting dump_pmc() should work. That's what I did in r35977. If that …
22:58 Ticket #191 (deprecated: sarray pmc) closed by chromatic
fixed: Two uses removed in r35973 and r35973, and PMC removed entirely in r35975.
18:57 Ticket #224 (lib/Parrot/Pmc/Dumper.pm: Filename does not match package declaration ...) created by jkeenan
While studying TT #219 today, …
17:54 Ticket #223 (doubts on t/steps/auto_pmc-01.t) created by coke
In this test file, we have two very long lists of PMCs (@dummy_options) …
11:00 Ticket #222 (Test failure in t/perl/Parrot_Docs.t) created by mikehh
The Test t/perl/Parrot+Docs.t fails (as at revision 35953) as follows: ok …
09:19 Languages edited by fperrad
06:39 Ticket #221 (deprecated: all socket-related opcodes) created by coke
from DEPRECATED.pod. Give us a list and we can start ripping them out.
05:41 Ticket #220 (editor/pir-mode.el should be a generated file) created by coke
Rather than having to edit pir-mode to keep it up to date with existing …
03:51 Ticket #160 ([PATCH] [CAGE] Perl-to-PIR conversion of two tests in the t/library/ ...) closed by jkeenan
fixed: No one has complained. The tests keep passing. We'll close this ticket …
03:26 Ticket #215 ([PATCH] [CAGE] Fixing some problems with docs/book) closed by jkeenan
03:20 Ticket #219 (t/tools/pmc2cutils/04-dump_pmc.t, t/tools/pmc2cutils/05-gen_c.t: Test ...) created by jkeenan
Changes made between 35932 and 35937 have started to cause failures in two …
01:22 NewParrotDeveloperGuide edited by tshinnic
typos, wrong path (diff)
01:04 Platforms/Windows edited by tshinnic
current build workaround for 0.9.0 and Strawberry Perl on Windows (diff)
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