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23:00 Ticket #257 (remove Zcode) closed by coke
18:19 Ticket #260 (Build error on windows 2008 server) created by lucaregini@…
15:08 Ticket #259 ([PATCH] t/configure test failure) closed by jkeenan
fixed: Moritz applied mikehh's patches in r36240 and r36241. The tests in …
13:47 Ticket #80 (document the default HLL root namespace) closed by whiteknight
fixed: This change appears to have been made to the PDD. I'm closing this ticket.
10:39 Ticket #259 ([PATCH] t/configure test failure) created by mikehh
In r36229 petdance modified lib/Parrot/Configure.pm changing the quotes in …
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15:08 Ticket #258 (pcb_disassemble options -[bho?], enable roundtrips) created by rurban
Attached patch changes the pcb_disassemble output to enable roundtrips, to …
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03:17 Ticket #73 (SVN misclassifying .t files as binary, preventing 'svn blame') closed by jkeenan
03:07 Ticket #257 (remove Zcode) created by coke
Zcode is unmaintained and no longer works at HEAD I vote we delete it …
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02:24 Ticket #53 (crash during the tests for the configuration phase.) closed by jkeenan
wontfix: No additional information has been supplied. Resolving ticket with a …


11:10 Ticket #256 (bad PAST->PIR generation) created by TiMBuS
Ok, this one is just strange. My compiler has stopped working today, and …
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04:55 Ticket #255 ([PATCH] for the file "compilers/imcc/main.c") created by gerd
Hello, this little patch is that "parrot -V" shows the year 2009 for …
02:23 Ticket #222 (Test failure in t/perl/Parrot_Docs.t) closed by jkeenan
01:57 Ticket #254 (pbc compat: t/native_pbc/number.t: New failure on some platforms) created by jkeenan
A change today in t/native_pbc/number.t (and possibly other files) has …
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