and .


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21:59 Ticket #256 (bad PAST->PIR generation) closed by Util
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s, http://svn.perl.org/viewvc/parrot/trunk/,https://trac.parrot.org/parrot/b(diff)
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21:01 Ticket #262 ($linkflags missing for libnci_test.so and dynpmc (solaris 64bit)) reopened by jkeenan
Reopening ticket per Andy D's request. Reini, can you take another look …
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20:00 Ticket #221 (deprecated: all socket-related opcodes) closed by allison
fixed: All socket opcodes removed.
19:45 Ticket #272 (Perl6Grammar.pbc not in installed parrot) closed by rurban
fixed: Fixed with r36333. This was apparently renamed from P6Grammar.pir to …
18:34 Ticket #273 (Fix system-dependent code in src/gc/system.c) created by whiteknight
See also #271 for some background about this problem on Sparc64/OpenBSD. …
16:53 Ticket #272 (Perl6Grammar.pbc not in installed parrot) created by pmichaud
'make install' doesn't provide a copy of Perl6Grammar.pbc . This is …
16:19 Ticket #271 (Parrot crashes on openbsd/sparc64) created by Infinoid
janus raised the following concern on IRC this morning: […] Not …
15:36 Ticket #270 ([PATCH] for the file parrot.spec to support SuSE) created by gerd
This little patch is for the file "parrot.spec" so that it (make rpms) …
15:28 Ticket #269 ([PATCH] gettingstarted.pod: rsync mirror and daily snapshots are gone) created by doughera
Although they both still work, they don't track the new parrot repository.
15:06 Ticket #268 (Languages wiki page needs updating) created by coke
All the languages hosted in parrot should have their URLs updated to the …
15:04 Ticket #267 (Rakudo Perl moves to its own repository) created by coke
Rakudo Perl (languages/perl6) will be moving to its own repository shortly …
13:45 Ticket #263 (Test123) closed by coke
13:45 Ticket #263 (Test123) reopened by coke
13:10 Ticket #266 (Packfile API cleanup: rename Parrot_readbc to Parrot_pbc_read, _loadbc => ...) created by rurban
Attached is a patch which: - renames Parrot_readbc to Parrot_pbc_read (as …
09:52 Ticket #265 (patch to avoid linking with -lpthread on openbsd) created by janus
The attached patch makes parrot link against -pthread instead of …
02:19 Ticket #263 (Test123) closed by jkeenan


23:41 Ticket #264 (Add experimental method stdhandle to the interpreter pmc) created by NotFound
Added the method stdhandle to the interpreter pmc, following mailing list …
22:02 Ticket #263 (Test123) created by Bas van der Vlies <basv@…>
20:58 Ticket #262 ($linkflags missing for libnci_test.so and dynpmc (solaris 64bit)) closed by rurban
fixed: Tested ok on cygwin, mingw, msvc6, gentoo-i386, solaris-64int Applied as …
19:48 Ticket #262 ($linkflags missing for libnci_test.so and dynpmc (solaris 64bit)) created by rurban
Solaris 10 with sunpro cc has a 32 bit perl. Nevertheless I can create a …
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link to a relevant ticket (diff)
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removing note about array pmcs, which I've already resolved. (diff)
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I hate clones. (diff)
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does the wiki tracking bot work? (diff)
17:03 Ticket #231 (make -j2 test fails) closed by Infinoid
fixed: Thanks, fixed in r36284.
16:18 Ticket #261 (pge segfaulting on feather.perl6.nl (linux)) created by coke
Revision: 36286 ; no local changes. […] dies with: […] running …


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23:00 Ticket #257 (remove Zcode) closed by coke
18:19 Ticket #260 (Build error on windows 2008 server) created by lucaregini@…
15:08 Ticket #259 ([PATCH] t/configure test failure) closed by jkeenan
fixed: Moritz applied mikehh's patches in r36240 and r36241. The tests in …
13:47 Ticket #80 (document the default HLL root namespace) closed by whiteknight
fixed: This change appears to have been made to the PDD. I'm closing this ticket.
10:39 Ticket #259 ([PATCH] t/configure test failure) created by mikehh
In r36229 petdance modified lib/Parrot/Configure.pm changing the quotes in …
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