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23:25 Ticket #285 (cmp/bitwise/other mmd vtable functions should not go through proxy pmc) created by ronaldws
In rakudo 1 <=> undef was doing the right thing while undef <=> 1 was …
17:11 Ticket #283 (build fails on win32) closed by kjs
fixed: fixed by rurban++ in r36404.
15:22 Ticket #284 (rename 'pdump' to 'pbc_dump') created by coke
This will provide consistency and avoid potential name conflict with: …
14:34 Ticket #283 (build fails on win32) created by kjs
yesterday (feb 5 2009) all was fine. Today: Fresh checkout on win32, …
14:27 Ticket #282 ([PATCH] pbc_to_exe should use 'link' to link.) created by doughera
The attached patch corrects pbc_to_exe to use 'link' instead of 'ld. See …
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Fix the source browser link (diff)
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Link to trac for graphical source browser and commit rss (diff)
14:13 Ticket #281 ('make testf' fails on 32bit linux i386 (debuginfo.t)) created by moritz
On 32 bit i386, Debian Etch, 'make testf' fails in debuginfo.t […]
14:07 Ticket #280 (BigNum PMC) created by whiteknight
I've been idly tinkering with creating a BigNum PMC. Due to a series of …
13:06 Ticket #279 (use croak in gen::makefiles) closed by rurban
fixed: Tested and applied with r36401.
09:43 Ticket #279 (use croak in gen::makefiles) created by rurban
report correct sourcefile line numbers Current: step gen::makefiles …
07:40 Ticket #278 (mingw libparrot doublequoting error) closed by rurban
fixed: First hand fix with r36399. Spaces must be quoted in build_dir, but not …
07:27 Ticket #278 (mingw libparrot doublequoting error) created by rurban
[…]  http://irclog.perlgeek.de/parrot/2009-02-05#i_888107
07:14 Ticket #277 (revive examples/c/test_main) created by rurban
Attached patch makes examples/c/test_main.c work again. It is a useful …
00:37 Ticket #233 ([BUG] check_named reads past the end of an array) closed by NotFound
fixed: Fixed according kjs suggestion and getting rid of the temporary hack in …
00:34 Ticket #178 ([TODO] remove PMC_struct_val from src/gc/mark_sweep.c) closed by whiteknight
fixed: Resolved in r36390.


14:32 Ticket #276 (t/dynpmc/foo fails) created by kjs
This test keeps failing on my win32 system: […]
14:04 Ticket #275 (In maint mode, IMCC does not build with bison 2.4.x) created by Infinoid
Generating sources from imcc.y with bison 2.3 results in: […] …
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06:39 Ticket #244 (support policy) closed by chromatic
fixed: Checked in as of r36374.
01:12 pmc_unionval_pmc.2.log attached to PMCUnionDeprecationTasklist by cotto
list of PMC_x_val instances, sorted by PMC and grouped by interdepenence


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19:45 Ticket #274 (Enable shared on solaris) created by rurban
Several minor tweaks were needed to build libparrot.so on opensolaris 10. …
19:28 ListOfPlatforms edited by rurban
Reini Urban update platforms (diff)
05:58 Ticket #96 ([install] make -C languages reallyall) closed by allison
wontfix: Skip. Languages won't be installed by the core Parrot makefile (aside from …
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