and .


23:12 Ticket #52 (Parrot can't read from stdin) closed by chromatic
fixed: I used to be able to reproduce this with Bob's code, but I can't anymore. …
23:02 Ticket #309 (r36551 breaks Solaris with ICU) closed by rurban
fixed: fixed with r36558. sorry.
22:47 Ticket #121 (t/pmc/eval.t test10 fails on cygwin) reopened by chromatic
21:07 Ticket #309 (r36551 breaks Solaris with ICU) created by doughera
See attached build log for the precise failure. The problem is explained …
20:57 Ticket #201 (atan opcode produces NAN with x86-32 JIT) closed by NotFound
duplicate: This is the same test as in #38
20:32 Ticket #308 ([PATCH] [imcc] Allow for 128-bit long doubles) created by doughera
This patch allows imcc to handle FLOATVALS with size == 16. (It already …
20:31 Ticket #275 (In maint mode, IMCC does not build with bison 2.4.x) closed by NotFound
fixed: No complaints in several days, closing ticket.
19:58 Ticket #307 (make pmcrenumber broken?) created by coke
make pmcrenumber doesn't change src/pmc/pmc.num, even though it contains …
18:07 Ticket #254 (pbc compat: t/native_pbc/number.t: New failure on some platforms) closed by rurban
fixed: Fixed with r36553. Tests are all enabled, but TODO'd on a DEVEL version. …
17:47 Ticket #274 (Enable shared on solaris) closed by rurban
fixed: revised patch applied as r36551 to enable gcc and sunpro cc. use …
17:35 Ticket #306 (embedding parrot fails, many symbols not exported properly [win32]) created by particle
t/src/compiler.t (soon to be renamed t/src/embed.t) is failing on win32 …
16:16 Ticket #297 (Don't hide close errors) closed by NotFound
done: No one complains and received some positive feedback on irc. Applied in …
14:39 Ticket #305 (Fix online documentation) created by whiteknight
We need to fix the online portion of our documentation, as a logical …
14:00 Ticket #301 (kill morph VTABLE) closed by whiteknight
wontfix: Okay, that's all the answer I really need. As part of my work in the …
04:10 BranchDescriptions edited by coke
03:06 Ticket #289 ([TODO] config/gen/makefiles/dynpmc_pl.in sub gather_groups_and_libs()) closed by jkeenan
03:04 Ticket #304 (Some files copyright Melvin Smith) created by coke
To resolve an outstanding copyright issue, the following files need to be …
02:57 Ticket #303 (move languages/urm out of the repository) created by coke
In addition to the LeaveTheNest goal that all non-demo languages have …
02:52 Ticket #284 (rename 'pdump' to 'pbc_dump') closed by jkeenan
fixed: No complaints received; closing ticket.
02:14 Ticket #296 (I/O buffering failure on x86-64) closed by Infinoid
fixed: Fixed in r36516.
02:13 Ticket #302 (plattform specific problem for Fedora) closed by coke
duplicate: This ticket is a duplicate of TT #261.
02:06 Ticket #302 (plattform specific problem for Fedora) created by gerd
With the current revision it is not possible to build Parrot under Fedora. …
01:32 Ticket #301 (kill morph VTABLE) created by whiteknight
I'm doing some work converting the morph VTABLE interface to take class …


18:31 Ticket #295 (pgegrep sefaults) closed by NotFound
fixed: Created TT #300 for the generic problem. Closing this ticket.
18:29 Ticket #300 (Bad .get_results in a exception handler gives infinite recursion) created by NotFound
A bad .get_results in a exception handler generates a exception when used. …
18:09 Ticket #299 (Access attributes of PMC from derived pir classes) created by NotFound
There are several problems related to pir classes derived from PMC. The …
18:02 Ticket #298 (Change copyright notices) created by allison
Globally replace "The Perl Foundation" with "Parrot Foundation" in all …
17:59 Ticket #297 (Don't hide close errors) created by NotFound
Parrot_io_close returns an INTVAL, but the platform variants that gets …
17:42 Ticket #269 ([PATCH] gettingstarted.pod: rsync mirror and daily snapshots are gone) closed by Infinoid
done: Thanks, it looks like allison++ made an equivalent change in r36335.
17:05 Ticket #294 ([PATCH] Pick correct format for Configure.pl --floatval='long double') closed by Infinoid
fixed: Thanks, applied in r36495.
16:40 Ticket #296 (I/O buffering failure on x86-64) created by Infinoid
r36488 seems to have uncovered a bug in parrot's I/O. The pbc_to_exe tool …
15:28 Ticket #295 (pgegrep sefaults) created by coke
on darwin/x86, revision 36492 $ ./parrot tools/util/pgegrep …
14:40 Ticket #294 ([PATCH] Pick correct format for Configure.pl --floatval='long double') created by doughera
The attached patch picks the correct format for the case where …
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03:15 ParrotVirtualAppliance created by particle
03:07 WikiStart edited by particle
00:41 Ticket #293 ([BUG] failure of t/native_pbc/integer.t) created by mikehh
Test Summary Report ------------------- t/native_pbc/integer …


21:14 Ticket #292 ([CAGE] Update all Pod documentation to use sane, modern headings) created by allison
The Pod documentation in the repository currently uses a crufty old Perl 5 …
18:41 Ticket #262 ($linkflags missing for libnci_test.so and dynpmc (solaris 64bit)) closed by allison
wontfix: Reverted in r36450. Reini, please don't commit this kind of change without …
18:37 Ticket #291 (Parrot Version 0.9.0 Configure 2.0 (openbsd 4.4)) created by dj_goku
Checked out revision 36449. # cd parrot/ …
17:33 Ticket #286 ([PATCH] Split encoding/charset registration so the STRINGs for their ...) closed by Infinoid
done: Replying to NotFound: > A big +1, but I'll prefer long …
15:28 Ticket #290 (include path in dynpmc.pl) closed by jkeenan
fixed: This duplicates the problem reported a few hours earlier in …
12:34 Ticket #290 (include path in dynpmc.pl) created by barney
In config/gen/makefiles/dynpmc_pl.in there is a TODO-comment that says: …
09:51 Languages edited by barney
Mention 'co-all' and 'up-all' (diff)
04:24 Ticket #287 (build broken at 36428) closed by jkeenan
fixed: It worked on Darwin PPC as well. Closing.
04:18 Ticket #289 ([TODO] config/gen/makefiles/dynpmc_pl.in sub gather_groups_and_libs()) created by jkeenan
This XXX flag comment generated a t/codingstd/perlcritic.t
04:13 Ticket #288 ([TODO] config/gen/makefiles/dynpmc_pl.in sub compile_cmd()) created by jkeenan
The XXX flag comment below generated a t/codingstd/perlcritic.t
03:01 Ticket #287 (build broken at 36428) created by coke
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