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14:56 Ticket #330 (Proposal of versioning numbering) closed by NotFound
14:55 Ticket #331 (Proposal for renumbering tikets) closed by NotFound
14:55 Ticket #333 (About parrot website) closed by NotFound
14:54 Ticket #335 (Only testing connections) closed by NotFound
14:53 Ticket #334 (About pitfalls in trac) closed by NotFound
14:52 Ticket #336 (Participate on a monthly release) closed by NotFound
14:52 Ticket #337 (Only a comment "Albedo 0.39") closed by NotFound
14:39 Ticket #337 (Only a comment "Albedo 0.39") created by quevlar
Hi, Now I'am listening spiral from vangelis in the cd "The best of …
14:35 Ticket #336 (Participate on a monthly release) created by quevlar
Hi, I woul'd like to participate in a monthly release of parrot. Please …
14:31 Ticket #335 (Only testing connections) created by quevlar
Hi, It is only a usual routers tests, Sincerely Igor
14:29 Ticket #334 (About pitfalls in trac) created by quevlar
Hi, Trac works hoorible "UPS". Has too many pitfalls, I believe It has …
14:22 Ticket #333 (About parrot website) created by quevlar
Hi, I ask for access to parrot's website for making some modifications. …
13:08 Ticket #332 (icc-10.0 32bit imcc crash) created by rurban
parsing config_lib.pasm crashes. I'll step into it. […] emerge …
11:21 Ticket #331 (Proposal for renumbering tikets) created by quevlar
Add number nine at end of all tickets, for exampe is tiket number is #99
10:46 Ticket #330 (Proposal of versioning numbering) created by quevlar
Hi, I propose using a numbering versioning consisting of a prime number, …
06:05 Ticket #329 ([PATCH] save compiler filename in PCT::HLLCompiler) created by chrisdolan
Currently, PCT::HLLCompiler.process_args shifts off the first argument …


23:28 Ticket #245 (pdd28-strings) closed by allison
23:21 Ticket #255 ([PATCH] for the file "compilers/imcc/main.c") closed by allison
fixed: Patch applied in r36696. Thanks, Gerd. On t/codingstd/copyright.t, that …
21:58 Ticket #308 ([PATCH] [imcc] Allow for 128-bit long doubles) closed by rurban
fixed: Using tools/mk_native_pbc is indeed a mess. I just kept the bourne shell, …[…]
21:06 CallingConventionsTasklist edited by whiteknight
marking some items as already completed. Fix some formatting (diff)
21:01 CallingConventionsTasklist edited by whiteknight
19:11 Ticket #328 (syntax error in install tree) created by fperrad
In the install tree, many languages give the same message : …
18:09 Ticket #266 (Packfile API cleanup: rename Parrot_readbc to Parrot_pbc_read, _loadbc => ...) closed by rurban
fixed: Tested on irc by Infinoid. Added proper deprecation. Applied with …
16:36 Ticket #327 (post 'make test' results from svn status suggest our ignores are wrong) created by particle
sorry, no time to fix, running off for the day. ~jerry […]
15:38 Ticket #326 (win32 Wide API needed . 'make smoke' failed 63 tests.) created by jimmy
It failed 63 tests. see …
10:14 Languages edited by fperrad
06:23 Ticket #261 (pge segfaulting on feather.perl6.nl (linux)) closed by rurban
fixed: The last error "argument doesn't hash" is caused by an incomplete make …
04:55 Ticket #320 (About clearsilver licence) closed by allison
invalid: not relevant
02:46 Ticket #313 (ignore print -0 test errors on win32) reopened by doughera


20:41 Ticket #325 (case-sensitivity test issues on win32) closed by rurban
fixed: Fixed with r36640. - made the win32 cwd tests case-insensitive - skip …
19:58 Ticket #325 (case-sensitivity test issues on win32) created by rurban
19:39 Ticket #313 (ignore print -0 test errors on win32) closed by rurban
fixed: Fixed by r36638. - add has_negative_zero feature, - fix print_n and say_n …
16:58 Ticket #319 ([BUG] t/compilers/pct/complete_workflow.t, ...) closed by jkeenan
fixed: Replying to Infinoid: > I saw some of these failures earlier …
13:00 Ticket #324 (Write function documentation) created by cotto
The following is a copy/paste from RT #48260, which this ticket …
07:39 Ticket #323 (make smoke with locally modified files) created by rurban
make smoke should run a locally modified detection tool, like test -e .svn …
07:28 Ticket #322 (Annoying cygwin/mingw cfg readline popup) created by rurban
mingw with cygwin also installed but not in the path leads an annoying …
06:21 Ticket #318 (t/op/arithmetics.t: Two new test failures observed at r36587) closed by rurban
duplicate: Duplicate of TT #316. Fixed with r36593. You have r36587.
04:36 Ticket #321 (Segfault overriding init sub in PIR) created by Infinoid
Got a bug report in #parrot tonight from ron, who provided the following …
02:35 Ticket #282 ([PATCH] pbc_to_exe should use 'link' to link.) closed by Infinoid
fixed: Thanks, I applied this in r36496 but apparently forgot to update this …
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