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21:49 Ticket #360 (Problem with Parrot-0.9.1 Install for Win32) closed by fperrad
18:10 Ticket #364 (ptr_alignment 8 not honored, sparc 64bit broken) created by rurban
Sparc 64bit with strict ptr_alignment=8 breaks when reading frozen pmc's …
16:57 Ticket #363 (OS X x86 fails t/src/embed.t #4) closed by coke
16:52 Ticket #363 (OS X x86 fails t/src/embed.t #4) created by coke
13:23 Ticket #362 (optimize freeze_size) created by rurban
Currently creating a pbc involves freeze malloc/free for every
09:12 Ticket #361 (All .pbc files should make-depend on PBC_COMPAT) created by rurban
As described in PBC_COMPAT. Changes in PBC_COMPAT (caused by relevant …
01:37 Ticket #360 (Problem with Parrot-0.9.1 Install for Win32) created by sammydc
I installed both parrot and rakudo in my WinXP machine. Now when I …


22:15 Ticket #359 (enable UUID for pbc) created by rurban
With r36890 I've enabled UUID stamping of pbc's for the t/native_pbc/ …
22:15 PMCUnionDeprecationTasklist edited by cotto
add moderately coherent gotcha about MULTIs (diff)
14:52 Ticket #121 (t/pmc/eval.t test10 fails on cygwin) closed by rurban
fixed: Really fixed now with r36642.
10:29 Languages edited by fperrad
update languages r-z (diff)
09:59 Languages edited by fperrad
update languages j-p (diff)
09:31 Languages edited by fperrad
update languages a-h (diff)
09:14 Ticket #358 (complex NaN) created by rurban
[…] All complex ops with NaN should return NaN. Check the complex ops …
06:57 ParrotQuotes edited by Infinoid


22:28 Ticket #357 (Enable meaningful testing of t/native_pbc/*.t) created by doughera
Version 0.9.1 was released with failing t/native_pbc/*.t tests. If the …
21:54 Languages edited by fperrad
typo (diff)
21:49 Languages edited by fperrad
add links to Smolder (Lua & Pipp) (diff)
21:43 Languages edited by fperrad
update Parrot version to 0.9.1 (diff)
21:05 Ticket #348 (test_file_coverage.t fails to find tests for MD2 and other crypto PMCs.) closed by fperrad
fixed: Fixed in r36868, without redundance or duplication. Now, each crypto PMC …
19:39 Ticket #328 (syntax error in install tree) closed by fperrad
fixed: fixed in release 0.9.1
19:08 Ticket #107 (Deprecated: Data::Escape) closed by coke
fixed: The streams tests were fixed in r36266; library removed in r36861. …
18:36 Ticket #109 (remove File::Spec) closed by coke
fixed: Removed in r36860.
17:59 ParrotQuotes edited by Infinoid
Reformat things to look (hopefully) a little nicer. (diff)
16:59 Ticket #356 (better detect cpuarch with possible cmdline overrides) created by rurban
amd64 vs i386: config::auto::arch just checks the perl5 config for the …
14:09 Ticket #355 (About parrot site) closed by coke
invalid: I presume you mean the menus on www.parrot.org ; you'd need a higher level …
13:51 WikiStart edited by jimmy
add Parrot 0.9.1 released news (diff)
13:37 Ticket #355 (About parrot site) created by quevlar
I would like to make small changes to the order of the menus only, all …
13:08 Ticket #354 ([patch]removed some codes and fixed docs etc.) created by jimmy
Removed some codes and fixed docs etc.
11:31 Ticket #353 (fix jit 386 set_i_n) created by rurban
r5487 disabled JIT/i386 set_i_n because the jit code for N=>I does …
10:52 Ticket #298 (Change copyright notices) closed by kjs
fixed: All files are updated to grant copyright to Parrot Foundation. Done just …
10:10 Ticket #352 (fix jit i386 with long double) created by rurban
on i386 Configure.pl --floatval='long double' leads to jit compilation …
03:36 Ticket #202 (parrotcode.org/docs/roadmap.html is empty) closed by Infinoid
duplicate: TT #351 tracks merging parrotcode.org into parrot.org, fixing that will …
03:32 Ticket #351 ([TODO] Merge parrotcode.org into parrot.org) created by Infinoid
Same as #157, but for parrotcode.org, not parrotblog.org. Eventually the …
03:18 WikiStart edited by jimmy
add ParrotQuotes (diff)
03:09 Ticket #268 (Languages wiki page needs updating) closed by Infinoid
done: Looks like this has already been done. (And the list of externally hosted …
02:44 Ticket #350 (Move wiki pages over from tpf to trac) created by Infinoid
Move content from  http://www.perlfoundation.org/parrot/index.cgi to …
02:40 ParrotQuotes edited by Infinoid
Don't blame me, I didn't start it. (diff)
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02:10 ParrotQuotes created by cotto
first version with a dozen or so quotes
02:05 Ticket #349 (web site updates (1.0.0 roadmap item)) created by Infinoid
This is a meta-ticket tracking the various website-y things in need of …
00:55 Ticket #210 (string_repeat siganture, maybe bug) closed by coke
fixed: This was removed in r36271, despite the fact that we advertised it as …
00:44 Ticket #267 (Rakudo Perl moves to its own repository) closed by coke
fixed: Remaining file removed in r36848
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