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15:23 Ticket #383 ('make realclean' doesn't remove generated t/dynpmc/*.t files) created by coke
13:24 Ticket #380 (t/pmc/exceptionhandler.t - Bad plan. You planned 8 tests but ran 6) reopened by coke
"I still have a problem as reported in the previous comment." - This …
13:18 Ticket #380 (t/pmc/exceptionhandler.t - Bad plan. You planned 8 tests but ran 6) closed by jkeenan
10:36 Ticket #382 (Using := in Makefiles causes extra complexity) created by dukeleto
When Configure.pl detects gmake in your $PATH, it assumes you intend to …
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Tene is lazy. We admire that. (diff)
00:14 Ticket #258 (pcb_disassemble options -[bho?], enable roundtrips) closed by rurban
fixed: patch went in with 0.9.1, r36671
00:11 Ticket #381 (dynpmc libs missing and minor win32 fixes) created by rurban
Attached patch fixes the new dynpmc and dynoplibs makefiles for win32, …


23:01 Ticket #254 (pbc compat: t/native_pbc/number.t: New failure on some platforms) reopened by rurban
found more bugs, my tests pass now. Fixed passing 64bit tests on 32-bit …
10:00 Ticket #380 (t/pmc/exceptionhandler.t - Bad plan. You planned 8 tests but ran 6) created by mikehh
This test started failing between r36930 and r36946. It passes at build …
04:03 Ticket #379 (Generate POSIX errno Constants) created by chromatic
There's no easy way in Parrot right now to refer to EPERM, EAGAIN, EINTR, …
01:37 Ticket #378 (Deprecation warnings in in config/gen/platform/darwin/dl.c in r37011) created by dukeleto
00:00 Ticket #377 (Some documentation fixes) closed by jkeenan
fixed: Applied in r37009. Thanks, Ron!


16:55 Ticket #377 (Some documentation fixes) created by ronaldws
The doc file docs/multidispatch.pod says “...Part or all of document is …
05:50 Ticket #376 (support policy refers to x.5 releases) created by coke
The x.5 releases are no longer special. This document should be updated to …
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04:59 Deprecation created by coke
04:59 WikiStart edited by jimmy
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04:13 Ticket #368 (t/dynpmc/*.t: many test failures) closed by jkeenan
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