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23:54 Ticket #391 (pdd22 doesn't mention the 'readall' method on FileHandle PMCs) created by pmichaud
pdd22 doesn't mention the 'readall' method for FileHandle PMCs... should …
15:27 Ticket #345 (pbc_to_exe needs to be created as installable version aswell) reopened by rg
Replying to fperrad: > Patch doesn't work. Well sorry for …
13:10 Ticket #390 (make testj: multiple test failures) created by jkeenan
As originally reported on list by rurban: jit is failing now. mingw …
10:52 Ticket #345 (pbc_to_exe needs to be created as installable version aswell) closed by fperrad
fixed: Patch doesn't work. Fixed in r37072.
02:46 Ticket #192 (deprecated: tqueue pmc) closed by jkeenan


22:16 Ticket #389 (subs with :method should not be entered as symbols in the namespace) created by pmichaud
At the OSCON 2008 hackathon, and again at PDS, we had decided that using …
16:35 Ticket #388 (r37061 breaks rakudo build) created by pmichaud
Commit r37061 ("[PMC] remove a couple more PMC_str_val instances") causes …
15:36 Ticket #387 (single float) created by rurban
Attached patch adds experimental support for 4-byte single float. It also …
13:53 Ticket #386 (Failure in t/dynpmc/foo.t if parrot directory has an extension) created by mikehh
While working on TT#380 testing builds with and without the --optimize …
04:38 Ticket #166 (Install path on Win32) closed by rurban
fixed: C:/Parrot applied as r35927 versioned subdirectories untested on win32
04:29 Ticket #317 (r36594 - build fails on solaris) closed by rurban
04:07 Ticket #370 (Rounding Inf and NaN) reopened by pmichaud
(reopening ticket with message I sent to parrot-dev earlier this week) …
00:45 Ticket #380 (t/pmc/exceptionhandler.t - Bad plan. You planned 8 tests but ran 6) closed by jkeenan
fixed: Replying to mikehh: > I have isolated the problem with the …
00:36 Ticket #383 ('make realclean' doesn't remove generated t/dynpmc/*.t files) closed by coke
fixed: The original issue has been resolved. Closing ticket. To briefly address …


15:09 Ticket #385 (t/pmc/packfileconstanttable.t failure) created by coke
Both via smolders: …
11:43 Ticket #381 (dynpmc libs missing and minor win32 fixes) closed by rurban
fixed: fixed with r37041 for win32 (cygwin, mingw, msvc).
09:53 Ticket #384 (pbc_dump -h should not fail on version mismatch) created by rurban
pbc_dump should not fail too early when the version or uuid check fails on …
04:03 Ticket #382 (Using := in Makefiles causes extra complexity) closed by coke
00:17 Ticket #327 (post 'make test' results from svn status suggest our ignores are wrong) closed by jkeenan
fixed: Replying to jkeenan: > Replying to particle: …
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