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20:10 Ticket #411 (RFC: Remove or fix SDL) created by coke
t/examples/catchall.t shows a lot of failures even trying to /compile/ the …
19:54 Ticket #410 (deprecated: exec op) closed by coke
19:54 Ticket #409 (deprecated: both gcd op variants) closed by coke
19:52 Ticket #410 (deprecated: exec op) created by coke
per allison on IRC
19:51 Ticket #409 (deprecated: both gcd op variants) created by coke
per allison on IRC
08:46 Ticket #408 ("Current development release" on download page lags behind) created by moritz
On  http://www.parrot.org/download the link "Current development release" …


22:27 Ticket #407 (post-1.0 pbc reader policy) created by rurban
Attached patch reflects the post-1.0 PBC_COMPAT and deprecation policy …
21:15 Ticket #404 ([PATCH] book cleanups) closed by fperrad
fixed: Applied in r37139.
20:37 Ticket #357 (Enable meaningful testing of t/native_pbc/*.t) closed by rurban
fixed: Fixed with r37077 and status update with r37077. This is now meaningful, …
20:34 Ticket #323 (make smoke with locally modified files) closed by rurban
fixed: Added Submitter also per r37137 and r37138
19:20 Ticket #364 (ptr_alignment 8 not honored, sparc 64bit broken) closed by rurban
fixed: tt364-sparc-memalign.patch applied as r37130. I'll open another ticket …
19:17 Ticket #405 (amd64 --optimize) closed by rurban
fixed: thanks everybody for testing. applied as r37129
19:16 Ticket #396 (32/64-bit cpu in smolder report) closed by rurban
fixed: applied as r37132
16:08 Ticket #406 (t/examples/library.t - pcre check flawed) created by coke
config/auto/pcre.pm controls whether parrot is configured with pcre or …
11:43 Ticket #405 (amd64 --optimize) created by adougherty
This is a guess for a workaround that might make --optimized builds work …
10:12 Ticket #404 ([PATCH] book cleanups) created by mikehh
patch at r37122 Cleanups for docs/book 1 - …
05:25 Ticket #403 ([PATCH] A number of tests need to be updated for the --runcore switch) closed by cotto
fixed: committed in r37119. Thanks!
03:52 Ticket #403 ([PATCH] A number of tests need to be updated for the --runcore switch) created by rg
... otherwise todo or skip directives are not matched and tests fail.
03:06 Ticket #402 (make html's generated pages should mention the version) created by coke
 http://docs.parrot.org/ ->  http://docs.parrot.org/parrot/latest/html/
02:37 Ticket #401 (pbc tools have inadequate test coverage) created by cotto
pbc_dump and pbc_disassemble were broken for the time between r37063 and …
02:01 Ticket #400 ([PATCH] fix some codingstd test failures at r37112) closed by coke
fixed: Thanks, applied in 37114, along with a mention in CREDITS.
00:53 Ticket #400 ([PATCH] fix some codingstd test failures at r37112) created by mikehh
The following codingstd tests failed at r37112: […] I have included a …


16:22 Ticket #399 (verify Parrot against key HLL builds prior to release) created by pmichaud
As part of creating the 1.0 release, the release manager needs to first …
08:25 Ticket #27 (parrotbug@parrotcode.org still works and directs to old ticket system) closed by allison
fixed: The parrotbug@… address now bounces with the following …
06:20 Ticket #398 (Suspicious code in sub.c - Parrot_capture_lex - Multi) closed by pmichaud
fixed: Now fixed in r37100, thanks! Pm
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