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22:30 Ticket #431 ([PATCH] Add const to src/packfile/pf_items.c) closed by jkeenan
fixed: No complaints; closing ticket.
22:28 Ticket #430 ([PATCH] Avoid one 'cast increases required alignment' warning) closed by jkeenan
21:23 Ticket #437 (.loadlib fails silently) created by moritz
It appears that the .loadlib fails silently on wrong paths. For example …
21:03 Ticket #298 (Change copyright notices) reopened by coke
20:56 Languages edited by coke
cola removed. (diff)
20:56 AbandonedLanguages edited by coke
note cola removed (diff)
16:43 Ticket #436 (pbc format and pdd13_bytecde) created by NotFound
As discussed in #parrotsketch, pdd13 must document the current pbc format, …
12:42 ParrotQuotes edited by cotto
Tene++ apparently wants to win at arson. (diff)
12:31 Ticket #435 (languages moved to examples need tests.) created by coke
The tests for examples/languages should: 1. be run as part of …
07:58 Languages edited by allison
07:55 Languages edited by allison
02:45 Ticket #429 (t/examples/streams.t broken by r37251) closed by Util
fixed: In r37295, the POD has been updated as requested, and the failing tests …
00:06 Languages edited by allison


23:28 Ticket #434 ([TODO] tools/dev/install_files.pl: track bin here to check later below) created by jkeenan
t/codingstd/perlcritic.t has reported an inline TODO item at …
20:29 Languages edited by allison
18:26 Ticket #432 (Running `make fulltest` does not test fully.) closed by Util
fixed: Resolved in r37272, by adding new target fulltest_all, which runs all …
17:50 Ticket #432 (Running `make fulltest` does not test fully.) reopened by coke
17:48 Ticket #433 (read on null PMC throws exception - /some crazy exception/ ?) created by NotFound
The test "read on null PMC throws exception # TODO not yet implemented" in …
17:40 Ticket #432 (Running `make fulltest` does not test fully.) closed by Util
fixed: Fixed in r37269.
17:39 Ticket #432 (Running `make fulltest` does not test fully.) created by Util
Target "fulltest" behaves in a less-than-useful fashion; if any of the …
17:05 Ticket #431 ([PATCH] Add const to src/packfile/pf_items.c) created by doughera
For some reason r36689 skipped 'const' on some of the functions. This …
16:47 Ticket #430 ([PATCH] Avoid one 'cast increases required alignment' warning) created by doughera
The attached patch eliminates one 'cast increases required alignment of …
15:01 Ticket #429 (t/examples/streams.t broken by r37251) created by coke
The file examples/streams/FileLines warns: =head1 NOTE When updating …
13:33 Ticket #428 (Test failures and TODO passes summary for Linux AMD64 (Kubuntu Intrepid) ...) created by mikehh
Following up on TT#420 for Linux i386 (Kubuntu Intrepid) I have included …
13:13 Ticket #427 ([PATCH] Updated Qt/NCI Example for Qt4 and Windows/MSVS) created by ujwal
deleted examples/nci/PQt.C added examples/nci/PQt.cpp updated …
08:31 WikiStart edited by wiml
broken smoke.parrotcode.org link (diff)
03:11 Ticket #403 ([PATCH] A number of tests need to be updated for the --runcore switch) reopened by rg
since cores are now selected with --runcore, I've overlooked that -r tests …
00:06 Ticket #426 (install_files.pl and install_dev_files.pl have a fair bit of duplicate ...) created by wayland
Hopefully the attached patch will fix that.


23:01 Ticket #425 (test failures in -r runcore) created by whiteknight
Ubuntu 8.10, x86-64. I'm getting two test failures in the -r runcore: …
20:49 Ticket #424 (tools/dev/mk_native_pbc failed on Solaris/sparc32/SunPro cc) created by doughera
I have never actually gotten this tool to work. Attached is my most …
16:57 Ticket #423 (config/auto/arch.pm can get wrong architecture on solaris/x86) created by doughera
As of r36852, config/auto/arch.pm assumes that, on Solaris/x86, if perl …
13:36 Ticket #382 (Using := in Makefiles causes extra complexity) reopened by doughera
Unfortunately, this broke my build script (on Solaris). I did have gmake …
13:25 Ticket #364 (ptr_alignment 8 not honored, sparc 64bit broken) reopened by doughera
The patch to the hints/solaris.pm file in r37130 won't work. The callback …
12:36 Ticket #422 (OpenGL: glut.h include file order with MSVS) closed by japhb
fixed: Applied with minor changes as r37239.
07:03 Ticket #422 (OpenGL: glut.h include file order with MSVS) created by ujwal
in config/gen/opengl.pm:974 include parrot.h before glut.h on Win32 with …
02:34 Ticket #421 (Fails to compile on netbsd-macppc 4.0.1 (asmfun.s: Error: unsupported ...) created by wiml
A fresh checkout of parrot (r37222) fails to compile on my …
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