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23:14 Ticket #454 ([PATCH] Slightly different elf reloc names on netbsd-ppc) created by wiml
This is a tider version of part of the diff I attached to #421. NetBSD's …
20:56 Ticket #241 (pdd planning & milestone edits) closed by allison
20:53 Ticket #238 (ability to create dynoplibs and dynpmclibs from installed parrot ...) closed by allison
done: This was resolved by adding an 'install-dev' target that installs …
20:45 Ticket #311 ([BUG] Files listed in both MANIFEST and MANIFEST.generated) closed by allison
fixed: chromatic's original analysis is correct. And in fact, even those IMCC …
20:28 Ticket #453 (all pmc's include parrot/parrot.h twice) created by rurban
All pmc's use #include "parrot/parrot.h" but pmc2c.pl adds it also. See …
19:40 Ticket #452 (Don't use MULTI when not needed) created by allison
Most (perhaps all) of the current core PMCs don't really use multiple …
19:40 Ticket #407 (post-1.0 pbc reader policy) reopened by rurban
Not true, see lib/Parrot/OpsRenumber.pm, esp. the post-1.0 section at # …
17:53 Ticket #451 (Anticipated changes to bytecode) created by allison
We anticipate making changes to the bytecode format; These changes are …
17:40 Ticket #450 ([TODO] Remove dynoplibs myops & dan ops) created by allison
The dynamic opcode libraries dynoplibs/myops.ops and dynoplibs/danops.ops …
17:18 Ticket #449 ([TODO] Migrate non-essential ops to dynops) created by allison
Several ops that are currently compiled as core could (and likely should) …
17:02 Ticket #448 ([TODO] Migrate non-essential PMCs to dynpmcs) created by allison
Several PMCs that are currently compiled as core could (and likely should) …
14:01 Languages edited by fperrad
many languages have a new home at  https://svn.parrot.org/languages/ (diff)
04:49 Languages edited by allison


21:53 Languages edited by allison
21:50 Languages edited by allison
21:47 Languages edited by allison
21:45 Languages edited by allison
19:33 Ticket #447 ([CAGE] src/hash.c cleanup: fix functions taking a Hash** arg) created by cotto
src/hash.c needs a general cleanup. Part of this cleanup involves …
12:01 Ticket #446 ([CAGE] Fixed a few warnings and a NCI example on Windows using MSVS) created by ujwal
Fixed warnings like unused variables, unreachable code in …
10:03 GSOC2009Tasklist edited by cotto
languages/ went away (diff)
04:16 Ticket #439 ([CAGE] Need test files for packfile annotation PMCs) closed by allison
done: Thanks, applied in r37405. Resolving ticket.
01:37 Ticket #445 ([bug] Darwin string buffering segfault in examples/shootout/revcomp.pir) created by allison
examples/shootout/revcomp.pir (which is also t/examples/shootout_17.pir) …
00:05 Ticket #444 (make fulltest failures on darwin-ppc) created by dukeleto
[…] Full output of make fulltest is attached.


23:01 Ticket #443 (C API brought into line with coding standards) created by allison
There are still a number of C API functions that don't conform to the …
18:16 Parrot Virtual Machine Workshop 2009 edited by rblackwe
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16:34 Parrot Virtual Machine Workshop 2009 edited by allison
08:12 Ticket #442 (Can't build a well-behaved Rakudo RPM without being able to specify system ...) created by wayland
See attached patch; it may not be the only way to do it, but it shows the …
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