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20:32 Ticket #471 ([PATCH] stops spawnw tests from running on Win9x) created by b2gills
Last time I tested Parrot on a Win9x machine, it would halt the system if …
18:14 Ticket #470 ([BUG] branch_cs opcode is buggy and unused) created by cotto
The branch_cs opcode causes a nice segfault when called with a random …
07:04 Ticket #372 (Remove the Slice PMC) closed by cotto
fixed: Ripley: I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It's the …
06:33 Ticket #447 ([CAGE] src/hash.c cleanup: fix functions taking a Hash** arg) closed by cotto
fixed: applied in r37543 with deprecation update in r37544.
02:29 Ticket #465 (Ensure hard link test in t/pmc/os.t uses a real file, not a symlink) closed by jkeenan
fixed: No complaints through the release day, so I'm resolving the ticket.
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21:01 Ticket #469 ([CAGE] revisit t/tools/ops2pm/05-renum_op_map_file.t) created by allison
Just before the release, rurban pointed out that tools/dev/opsrenumber.pl …
17:51 Ticket #407 (post-1.0 pbc reader policy) closed by allison
done: The design changed 3 years ago. Unfortunately, we didn't catch all the …
17:48 Ticket #468 (string encoding not saved in pbc) created by NotFound
This example shows the problem caused by the unimplementation of the …
17:12 Ticket #436 (pbc format and pdd13_bytecde) closed by NotFound
done: Done in r37524, with the addition of a note about the unimplemented state …
16:55 Milestone 1.0 completed
a stable api for language implementors
08:12 Ticket #428 (Test failures and TODO passes summary for Linux AMD64 (Kubuntu Intrepid) ...) closed by allison
08:11 Ticket #420 (Test failures and TODO passes with make fulltest on Ubuntu Intrepid i386 ...) closed by allison
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01:51 Ticket #441 (make parrot_utils blows up on darwin) closed by jkeenan
fixed: Replying to coke: Thanks for the clarification. Closing …


21:29 Ticket #242 (pdd23-exceptions, describe reality, user docs, exception types) closed by tene
21:16 Ticket #467 (find_method op should get sub pmc for pmclass method) created by ronaldws
This bug report recommends, based on an IRC discussion, that the …
20:43 Ticket #466 (PAST::Val.new( :value( ~$/ ), :returns('Complex')) generates incorrect pir) created by bsdz
When trying to assigned capture string to a Complex type the generated PIR …
19:44 Ticket #458 (config/gen/makefiles.pm fails unless languages directory exists) closed by doughera
fixed: Solved differently in r37488, by getting rid of languages/Makefile …
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16:40 Ticket #465 (Ensure hard link test in t/pmc/os.t uses a real file, not a symlink) created by doughera
I often try building in a symlink tree. Test t/pmc/os.t 15 tries to make …
16:19 Ticket #464 (Multiple failures on OpenBSD 4.4 /i386) created by doughera
I had a chance to try a build on OpenBSD 4.4 / i386 and the build stops …
16:06 Ticket #243 (pdd20-lexicals, design docs) closed by pmichaud
fixed: Resolved in r37484.
15:59 Ticket #254 (pbc compat: t/native_pbc/number.t: New failure on some platforms) reopened by doughera
I have attached a patch to get rid of the new warning. I debated opening …
14:49 Ticket #463 (refactor PCT::HLLCompiler's detection of Test::Harness) created by pmichaud
In order to facilitate using PCT::HLLCompiler with test harnesses, the …
14:48 Ticket #462 ([TODO] Refactor handling of 'stages' in PCT::HLLCompiler) created by pmichaud
The interface various methods for adding, removing, and modifying the list …
14:47 Ticket #461 ([TODO] Stringification and numification of PGE::Match objects) created by pmichaud
Previously stringification and numification of PGE::Match objects took …
14:44 Ticket #460 ([TODO] remove deprecated built-in PGE rules) created by pmichaud
Several "built-in" rules have recently been removed from the Perl 6 …
14:41 Ticket #459 ($(...) syntax in NQP) created by pmichaud
The $(...) syntax in NQP (used to obtain a result object or abstract …
14:39 Ticket #458 (config/gen/makefiles.pm fails unless languages directory exists) created by doughera
Now that all the languages are gone, and the languages/ directory is …
13:38 Ticket #457 (t/dynpmc/os.t has invalid stat() and lstat() tests.) created by doughera
TT #325 incorrectly put a "TODO" on the stat() and lstat() tests for …
06:12 Ticket #456 ([cage] rename/fix Parrot_new_INTVAL_hash) created by cotto
Parrot_new_INTVAL_hash is the only function in src/hash.c that returns a …
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Better hyperlink display (diff)
02:37 Ticket #417 (test failures on x86/64 Ubuntu 8.10) closed by allison
fixed: All resolved.
02:36 Ticket #303 (move languages/urm out of the repository) closed by allison
done: Done, first deleted in r37397, then rescued into the languages repository …
02:24 Ticket #305 (Fix online documentation) closed by allison
fixed: Satisfied with current docs.parrot.org. The 'make html' target has been …
02:15 Ticket #239 (parrot user documentation, objects, pmcs, dynops, etc (rescheduled from ...) closed by allison
done: Extensive documentation review and revision completed for 1.0. There will, …
02:13 Ticket #315 (What languages to move?) closed by allison
done: All languages have been moved (to a custom repository, the languages …
02:10 Ticket #246 (windows porting, windows subprocesses) closed by allison
01:55 Ticket #3 (PDD09 GC System) closed by allison
done: The refactor is done, the new GC system is a separate item and not for …
01:48 Ticket #89 (pct user docs) closed by allison
done: Satisfied by the PCT book chapter: docs/book/ch09_pct.pod. (Confirmed by …
01:27 Ticket #455 ([TODO] Change name of 'Parrot_add_library_path' to ...) created by allison
The function 'Parrot_add_library_path' in src/library.c will be renamed to …
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