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18:08 PIR Tutorial edited by gaurav
Tweaked the formatting and a few spellings, removed notice (diff)
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Added the rest of the content (diff)
13:42 Ticket #270 ([PATCH] for the file parrot.spec to support SuSE) closed by rurban
13:34 Ticket #486 (When using struct array of size 1 get "Non existent array element in ...) created by bsdz
When creating an array of structs with only one element char_offset_key …
04:04 Ticket #373 (Remove the Bound_NCI PMC) closed by cotto
fixed: This code and PMC are removed by r37634, along with the concomitant …
02:58 Ticket #200 (patch to quiet examples_tests) closed by coke
fixed: Resolving ticket - 'make examples_tests' is passing now.
02:25 Ticket #485 (Remove toplevel Makefile.PL) created by coke
This was added to simplify our CPAN distribution. Since we don't do that …


18:51 Ticket #482 (t/examples/pod.t: 5 test failures) closed by coke
18:39 Ticket #484 (illegal instruction/segfault with Timer PMC) created by coke
[…] This generates an illegal instruction. Changing the -1 to a …
18:11 Ticket #483 (:invocant flag) created by coke
Implement the :invocant flag
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make languages-smoke is gone (diff)
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Meta first (diff)
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A bit more verbose wordin (diff)
12:31 Ticket #444 (make fulltest failures on darwin-ppc) closed by jkeenan
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Improved the introduction a bit. (diff)
05:01 PIR Tutorial created by gaurav
Started moving the PIR tutorial from the old wiki
02:59 Ticket #482 (t/examples/pod.t: 5 test failures) created by jkeenan
Attached is a file with output of prove t/examples/pod.t at r37614.
01:33 Ticket #310 (remove --pmc option to Configure.pl) closed by jkeenan
fixed: No objections raised. Closing ticket. kid51


19:45 Ticket #481 (some basic math ops are missing) created by bsdz
Some useful math operators are missing in Parrot. round() (known by same …
18:40 Ticket #403 ([PATCH] A number of tests need to be updated for the --runcore switch) closed by rg
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add a cage docs task.
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01:36 WikiStart edited by coke
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