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21:04 Ticket #493 ([RFC] - eliminate boilerplate function documentation) created by coke
In the beginning (or slightly thereafter) there was a test to insure that …
19:57 Ticket #492 ([CHM] Add index support to htmlhelp files) created by bsdz
This affects the htmlhelp make target. When htmlhelp files are created no …
19:41 Ticket #491 (Use longopts in parrot debugger) created by tuxdna
Use longopts to parse command line options in parrot_debugger.c
15:15 Ticket #490 (Remove support for non-default config options for Configure.pl's --gc) created by coke
per allison, we don't need to support this config option for anything …
11:10 Ticket #489 (t/tools/ops2pm/*.t: Failures in 3 test files) created by jkeenan
Running perl Configure.pl --test at r37676 this morning, I got the …
09:37 Ticket #488 (Parrot::Interpreter - cannot load PCT.pbc - cannot find PCT/Grammar.pbc) created by szabgab
Attached test script (to be placed in ext/Parrot-Embed/t) works if I run …
05:19 NewParrotDeveloperGuide edited by cotto
04:50 NewParrotDeveloperGuide edited by cotto
added link to imported page (diff)
02:58 Ticket #477 (generated HTML should respect "=begin PIR") closed by coke


20:23 Ticket #485 (Remove toplevel Makefile.PL) closed by coke
wontfix: r37651 contradicts my assumption that we don't do CPAN any more; we just …
19:10 BuildWarnings edited by coke
14:50 BuildWarnings edited by mikehh
14:40 BuildWarnings edited by coke
14:05 BuildWarnings edited by Infinoid
Add the warnings I regularly see (and ignore). (diff)
13:31 Ticket #136 (BASIC broken) closed by coke
wontfix: BASIC has left the nest. Rejecting ticket.
08:45 Ticket #456 ([cage] rename/fix Parrot_new_INTVAL_hash) closed by cotto
fixed: done in r37644.
05:11 Ticket #487 ([CAGE] 'vtable method' needs to go away) created by cotto
Much code and many comments refer to 'vtable methods'. This term is …


18:08 PIR Tutorial edited by gaurav
Tweaked the formatting and a few spellings, removed notice (diff)
15:29 PIR Tutorial edited by gaurav
Added the rest of the content (diff)
13:42 Ticket #270 ([PATCH] for the file parrot.spec to support SuSE) closed by rurban
13:34 Ticket #486 (When using struct array of size 1 get "Non existent array element in ...) created by bsdz
When creating an array of structs with only one element char_offset_key …
04:04 Ticket #373 (Remove the Bound_NCI PMC) closed by cotto
fixed: This code and PMC are removed by r37634, along with the concomitant …
02:58 Ticket #200 (patch to quiet examples_tests) closed by coke
fixed: Resolving ticket - 'make examples_tests' is passing now.
02:25 Ticket #485 (Remove toplevel Makefile.PL) created by coke
This was added to simplify our CPAN distribution. Since we don't do that …
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