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19:14 AbandonedLanguages edited by barney
19:14 AbandonedLanguages edited by barney
Add PONIE (diff)
17:10 Ticket #535 ([install] linking with an installed Parrot) created by fperrad
The attached patch allows linking of dynpmc & dynops with an installed …
02:44 Ticket #534 (Get rid of PARROT_NET_DEVEL) created by Infinoid
The sockets/networking support in parrot is conditional based on a define, …


19:54 Ticket #500 (:init sub cannot be target of :outer) closed by jonathan
fixed: Fixed in r37872, and added something like the example on this ticket as a …
13:55 Ticket #533 (headerizer not headerizing src/gc/gc_malloc.c) created by coke
t/codingstd/c_function_docs.t tries to check all the .c/.h files in the …
02:36 Ticket #524 ([CAGE] duplicate variables in configuration) closed by jkeenan
fixed: On second thought, since fperrad's original post was aimed at …


18:47 Ticket #532 (Finish headerizer refactor) created by coke
t/codingstd/c_function_docs.t is using Parrot::Headerizer to extract …
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Gave Smolder links names (so they take up less space) (diff)
05:20 Languages edited by gaurav
Added "porcupine" (Pascal) (diff)
05:03 Ticket #527 (SOCK_* definitions vary between target platforms) closed by Infinoid
fixed: Still works for me on linux/amd64 and mingw. Thanks, applied as r37833. …
04:24 Ticket #531 ([GSOC] Decide on a Pilot/Co-Pilot for the Parrot department of TPF this ...) created by dukeleto
We need a Pilot/Co-pilot to head Parrot-related affairs for the Google …
01:51 Ticket #38 (t/op/trans.t:atan2 fails in JIT core) closed by allison
fixed: See related details in TT #530.
01:48 Ticket #38 (t/op/trans.t:atan2 fails in JIT core) reopened by allison
01:27 Ticket #247 (mmd & subclasses (resolve mmd tickets)) closed by allison
duplicate: Will continue working on MMD tickets in RT. This ticket is duplicate (not …
01:25 Ticket #530 (Failure of atan2 in jit core - ref TT #38) created by mikehh
Failure of atan2 in jit core on Kubuntu Intrepid i386 at r37825. from …
01:19 Ticket #399 (verify Parrot against key HLL builds prior to release) closed by allison
done: Done for 1.0, and added to the release manager guide for future releases. …
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