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01:28 Ticket #442 (Can't build a well-behaved Rakudo RPM without being able to specify system ...) closed by allison
done: I've applied a modified version of the patch in r38094. This changes the …


00:25 Ticket #552 (Evaluate all hack-identifying comments in source code) created by jkeenan
A couple of years back, Paul T Cochrane grepped our repository for 'TODO', …


22:58 Ticket #551 (t/pmc/nci.t: 2 test failures) created by jkeenan
These two tests began to fail after r38036; bisection suggests r38037. …
16:26 Ticket #550 (t/pmc/codestring.t failing) created by whiteknight
I thought there was a ticket for this already, but on closer inspection I …
15:22 Ticket #549 (Kill UnionVal) created by whiteknight
Thanks to cotto++, PMCs now don't rely on UnionVal anymore. However, a …
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