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22:59 Ticket #586 (tools/dev/install_files.pl: bug masked by missing file in ...) created by jkeenan
The short version: Should installable_pirc.exe have been included …
20:46 Ticket #585 (PGE alpha rule should match underscore) closed by pmichaud
fixed: Added in r38379. Pm
18:22 Ticket #585 (PGE alpha rule should match underscore) created by coke
From rakudo's RT #65138: […]
13:23 Ticket #584 (ftp download links to should point to actual file...) created by coke
ftp download links to should point to actual file, not to the folder that …
13:02 Ticket #583 (http download links should be exposed on download page) created by coke
The main website's download page should link to both http and ftp …
01:41 Ticket #563 ([CAGE] refactor type max/min detection out of config/auto/format.pm) closed by jkeenan
fixed: Replying to jkeenan: > > > I have moved these internal …


15:19 Ticket #580 (tools/dev/create_language.pl hardcodes the language name perl6 in harness) closed by pmichaud
fixed: Now fixed in r38376, thanks! Pm
14:06 Ticket #582 (auto::sizes: Complete development of maxmin probes) created by jkeenan
In the course of work on TT #563, we recognized that there was certain …
13:15 Ticket #581 (make segfaults with PGE.pbc on fedora (r38365)) created by Lu.
Well, title says almost all. After a successful perl Configure.pl, make …


17:23 Ticket #544 (pmc2c ATTR type parsing is naive) closed by whiteknight
fixed: Thanks to help from Infinoid++ I found the remaining problems, fixed them, …
16:07 Ticket #523 (remove stack_destroy() ?) closed by whiteknight
fixed: Removed in r38352. I don't think we needed a deprecation cycle since it …
15:35 Ticket #561 (What are valid characteristics for 'inspect_str' vtable?) closed by whiteknight
fixed: Given what Allison said above, is this ticket still necessary? All strings …
06:52 ParrotQuotes edited by cotto
bacek speaks four languages (diff)
01:01 Ticket #390 (make testj: multiple test failures) closed by jkeenan
fixed: Replying to jkeenan: > > So if there's no objection, I'll …
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