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23:35 Ticket #656 (Optimization in src/pmc/RetContinuation.pmc:invoke causes segfault) created by whiteknight
After the GC API refactor, there is now a line in …
23:25 Ticket #655 (Kill non-working GC cores) created by whiteknight
There are several GC cores in src/gc/* that do not currently work, are not …
15:19 Ticket #654 ([bug] Parrot named arguments choke on unicode names) created by pmichaud
Named arguments in Parrot don't appear to accept unicode identifiers. …
13:47 Ticket #651 ([PMC] cannot share functions between PMC) closed by fperrad
invalid: successful refactor of Lua PMC with these new constraints.
04:41 BranchDescriptions edited by bacek
Drop tt631_part3 branch. (diff)


23:46 Ticket #653 ([PATCH] remove "." from architecture names) created by rrauenza
Referencing bug #645 (I couldn't reopen it) The s|\.|_|g was put into the …
22:05 Ticket #640 (Some vtable functions stil used externally) closed by bacek
fixed: It's fixed now. VTABLE functions declared static, so it's virtually …
21:17 Ticket #648 ([PATCH] src/gc/system.c compile on HPUX) closed by Infinoid
fixed: Thanks, applied (with minor changes) as r38613.
17:48 BranchDescriptions edited by coke
remove parrot-bundle (diff)
17:43 BranchDescriptions edited by coke
17:31 BranchDescriptions edited by coke
15:39 Ticket #652 (non-constant initializations in src/pmc/*.c) created by doughera
As of r38606, the C files generated in src/pmc/ contain code like the …
14:48 Ticket #651 ([PMC] cannot share functions between PMC) created by fperrad
Since r38536 (tt631_part2 merge), we cannot share functions (VTABLE & …
13:55 ParrotQuotes edited by Infinoid
I love you guys. (diff)
13:13 Ticket #650 (Pmc2c requires major refactoring.) created by bacek
After working on #631 Pmc2c has changed and requires some refactorings. …
13:10 Ticket #631 ([RFC] Clean-up PMC generated files.) closed by bacek
fixed: Third goal was addressed in tt631_part3 branch which merged at r38603. All …
12:59 Ticket #638 ([PMC] inheritance of abstract PMC is broken) closed by bacek
fixed: "Add missing call". I did it in tt631_part3 which merged into trunk in …
12:42 Ticket #649 (Should parrot_config report separate inst_ and build variables?) created by doughera
Some discussion of this topic is on the parrot-dev mailling list, starting …


21:01 Ticket #648 ([PATCH] src/gc/system.c compile on HPUX) created by rrauenza
I'm not sure what to do with this code -- it looked incomplete to begin …
20:49 Ticket #647 ([PATCH] src/call/pcc.c compile on hpux) created by rrauenza
hpux 11.23, hp compiler, to be specific. I was trying to build rakudo on …
19:59 Ticket #636 (Off-end-of-array access in Parrot_OrderedHash_visit) closed by NotFound
fixed: No complaints, closing ticket.
16:06 Ticket #646 (const STRING problems) created by NotFound
The struct multi_func_list in multidispatch.h has several const STRING * …
02:41 ParrotQuotes edited by cotto
add a couple old quotes I found when looking for something else (diff)
00:26 Ticket #595 (Panic when rethrowing null) closed by whiteknight
fixed: I put in a basic fix in r38519. Probably needs some improvements, but it's …
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