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20:37 Ticket #660 (Tidy failure cases for PIR implementation of t/pmc/ro.t) created by bobw
When an expected failure occurs the subs should then go to the end of the …
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15:54 Ticket #659 (CONST_STRING in a dynop) created by jonathan
Hi, CONST_STRING works nicely in dynpmcs, but today I tried to use it in …
11:34 Ticket #658 ([PATCH] Rewrite of t/pmc/ro.t to PIR) closed by cotto
fixed: The patch looks like a straightforward conversion to PIR, mod a few …
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21:54 Ticket #654 ([bug] Parrot named arguments choke on unicode names) closed by chromatic
fixed: Parrot r38769 makes this test pass. All other Parrot tests pass as well.
20:47 Ticket #658 ([PATCH] Rewrite of t/pmc/ro.t to PIR) created by bobw
Please find enclosed a patch to convert t/pmc/ro.t from Perl to PIR. …
19:29 Ticket #657 (libparrot.dll missing entry points) created by 1parrota
At rev# 38678, mingw32-make test failing, starting at t/dynpmc/foo with …
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14:30 ParrotQuotes edited by cotto
various language-related observations (diff)
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Currently there is no information on the original Parrot Development … (diff)


23:35 Ticket #656 (Optimization in src/pmc/RetContinuation.pmc:invoke causes segfault) created by whiteknight
After the GC API refactor, there is now a line in …
23:25 Ticket #655 (Kill non-working GC cores) created by whiteknight
There are several GC cores in src/gc/* that do not currently work, are not …
15:19 Ticket #654 ([bug] Parrot named arguments choke on unicode names) created by pmichaud
Named arguments in Parrot don't appear to accept unicode identifiers. …
13:47 Ticket #651 ([PMC] cannot share functions between PMC) closed by fperrad
invalid: successful refactor of Lua PMC with these new constraints.
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Drop tt631_part3 branch. (diff)
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