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16:00 Ticket #65 (load_bytecode only accepts ascii filenames) closed by pmichaud
15:59 Ticket #461 ([TODO] Stringification and numification of PGE::Match objects) closed by pmichaud
14:23 Ticket #664 (new GC API & compatibility) created by fperrad
some languages with PMC are broken since r38654 (gc_api merge). a simple …
00:42 Ticket #663 (src/pmc.c:pmc_free() is unused) created by whiteknight
The function pmc_free() in src/pmc.c is currently unused. Besides that, I …


19:41 Ticket #662 ([PATCH] Add more dependencies on parrot.h) created by doughera
This patch adds a bunch of missing dependencies to the root Makefile. …
19:32 Ticket #661 ([TODO] Capture output of subprocesses) created by pmichaud
As mentioned in …
14:11 Ticket #543 (t/codingstd/copyright.t failing) closed by coke
fixed: Fixed in r38714, cxreg++.


20:37 Ticket #660 (Tidy failure cases for PIR implementation of t/pmc/ro.t) created by bobw
When an expected failure occurs the subs should then go to the end of the …
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15:54 Ticket #659 (CONST_STRING in a dynop) created by jonathan
Hi, CONST_STRING works nicely in dynpmcs, but today I tried to use it in …
11:34 Ticket #658 ([PATCH] Rewrite of t/pmc/ro.t to PIR) closed by cotto
fixed: The patch looks like a straightforward conversion to PIR, mod a few …
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