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15:36 Ticket #675 (r38804 breaks on darwin/OSX) created by Infinoid
r38804 caused build failures on darwin and OSX. Parrot itself builds …
12:05 Ticket #674 ([doc] POD escape B<> is not handled in verbatim section) created by fperrad
in verbatim section, escape B<> is not handled. for example, in …
05:56 Ticket #415 (experimental ops safe to remove?) closed by allison
done: All experimental ops except 'trap' were moved out to main ops files or …
05:49 Ticket #419 (test failures and passing todos on MacOS 10.5.6) closed by allison
fixed: These were resolved with the 1.0 release.
00:01 Ticket #669 (Layered IO system) closed by whiteknight
invalid: Talked to Allison tonight and she confirmed that the layering system …


23:51 Ticket #673 (Parrot 1.1.0 build on OS X with Fink ICU package) created by urkle
On Mac OS X Leopard, the system provides ICU libraries (from Apple), …
23:37 Ticket #371 (patch to auto-generate parrot.spec) closed by allison
done: Most of this was resolved in TT #503, including removing the 'make rpms' …
20:48 Ticket #672 (PASM1 compiler needs tests.) created by coke
Chapter 3 mentions the PASM1 compiler, which is not used anywhere in the …
18:50 Ticket #671 ([PATCH] Rewrite of t/pmc/array.t to PIR) created by bobw
This patch converts t/pmc/array.t from Perl/pasm to PIR. …
17:26 Ticket #670 (Rearranging the GC interface) created by whiteknight
I'd like to propose a change to the GC API, and want some input before I …
17:09 Ticket #669 (Layered IO system) created by whiteknight
PDD22 says that the IO system should be built using a series of layers, …
16:38 Ticket #632 (Test failures in make -k fulltest at r38415) closed by coke
fixed: t/examples/pod.t is passing again. See the perldoc for that file for …
16:17 Ticket #453 (all pmc's include parrot/parrot.h twice) closed by coke
fixed: Thanks, applied this (or something very much like it) in r38794.
15:52 Ticket #666 ([PATCH] PLATFORMS update for 1.2 release for Solaris 8/SPARC/cc) closed by coke
fixed: Thanks, applied in r38793
15:48 Ticket #668 (t/examples/streams.t fails @38789) created by coke
[…] Looks like r38689 is the culprit.
15:46 Ticket #667 (t/examples/namespace.t fails @38789) created by coke
14:33 Ticket #424 (tools/dev/mk_native_pbc failed on Solaris/sparc32/SunPro cc) closed by doughera
invalid: This issue proved difficult to reproduce reliably, and the tool is not …
14:20 Ticket #666 ([PATCH] PLATFORMS update for 1.2 release for Solaris 8/SPARC/cc) created by doughera
The attached patch removes one platform that no longer builds. (See TT …
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18:18 Ticket #665 (Pmc2c gets confused when name in "pmclass" line mismatches the filename) created by Infinoid
From darbelo++'s report: […] So pmc2c has inconsistent header file …
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new report format, plus catch some recent commits. (diff)
02:18 Ticket #298 (Change copyright notices) closed by jkeenan
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