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19:05 Ticket #688 (Fakecutable creation by pbc_to_exe is critically slow for large PBC files.) created by Util
The techniques used by pbc_to_exe do not scale well. When the PBC size is …
18:20 Ticket #664 (new GC API & compatibility) closed by whiteknight
16:52 GCTasklist edited by whiteknight


19:46 Milestone 1.2 completed
stable monthly
15:54 Ticket #687 (compilers/imcc missing dependencies) created by coke
various files in compilers/imcc rely on enum_class_* declarations, but do …
14:52 VerifyExamples edited by coke
14:35 VerifyExamples edited by coke
14:31 Ticket #686 (trac - can't easily create wiki pages anymore.) closed by coke
worksforme: Infinoid found  http://colloquy.info/project/wiki/WikiPageNames which …
14:26 Ticket #686 (trac - can't easily create wiki pages anymore.) created by coke
There doesn't seem to be an easy way to create a wiki page anymore. Only …
14:15 VerifyExamples created by Infinoid
Created the page for testing purposes
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14:07 CageTasklist edited by coke
12:47 Ticket #647 ([PATCH] src/call/pcc.c compile on hpux) closed by Infinoid
fixed: Thanks, fixed in r38900. Note this was a holdover from #573; both tickets …
02:17 Ticket #668 (t/examples/streams.t fails @38789) closed by coke


23:13 Ticket #685 (Remove line number metadata from PMC generated C files) closed by whiteknight
invalid: bacek++ alerted me to the existence of the --no-line-directives Configure …
22:19 Ticket #685 (Remove line number metadata from PMC generated C files) created by whiteknight
When a C file is generated from a .PMC file, lots and lots of #line …
21:37 Ticket #684 (pgegrep needs tests) created by coke
pgegrep needs tests Originally reported in …
21:33 Ticket #683 (implement method lookup iterators) created by allison
[…] Originally reported in …
21:14 Ticket #682 (Dynpmcs Don't Depend on Parrot::Pmc2c::*) created by chromatic
[…] Originally from …
20:44 Ticket #681 (Cannot use a PIR object for IO) created by flh
I cannot define a class in PIR which I can use for IO operations (e.g., …
20:37 Ticket #680 (Add a setstdin opcode) created by flh
Parrot currently has setstdout and setstderr opcodes, but no setstdin. …
18:30 Ticket #418 (memmove segfault in I/O buffering) closed by allison
worksforme: I would test it out on the box that had the original failure, but I …
17:52 Ticket #679 (Hash changes to AssociativePMCArray) created by allison
Working on the aggregate PMCs section of the Parrot book, I remembered a …
17:06 Ticket #678 (Is tools/dev/parrot_8.supp still needed?) created by jkeenan
(I posed this question in …
16:58 Ticket #677 (Which tools/*/*.pl programs belong in which tools/* directory?) created by jkeenan
(I posed this question in …
16:03 Ticket #605 (i/o async) closed by whiteknight
duplicate: This is a duplicate of #31.
05:16 Ticket #676 (Fix namespace pollution) created by Infinoid
This is the trac equivalent of RTs #40059 and #40060. There are many …
04:29 Ticket #653 ([PATCH] remove "." from architecture names) closed by Infinoid
fixed: Hearing no complaints, I'm closing this ticket. Thanks!
02:31 Ticket #291 (Parrot Version 0.9.0 Configure 2.0 (openbsd 4.4)) closed by Infinoid
fixed: We have at least one user (darbelo++) regularly and successfully using …
02:21 Ticket #232 (__FILE__ is not defined in PIPP) closed by coke
invalid: This ticket should be moved to PIPP's tracking system; if more work is …
02:11 Ticket #385 (t/pmc/packfileconstanttable.t failure) closed by Infinoid
done: Since the last commentry on this ticket, the packfile PMCs have evolved …
01:13 Ticket #469 ([CAGE] revisit t/tools/ops2pm/05-renum_op_map_file.t) closed by jkeenan
fixed: Replying to allison: > Jim, > > Those have to be manually …
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