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18:14 Ticket #715 ([bug] various operations create (incorrect) PMCProxy objects in HLL ...) closed by pmichaud
14:16 NewParrotDeveloperGuide edited by Infinoid
Link to parrot.org download page, not parrotcode.org. This page also … (diff)
14:15 Ticket #736 ([PATCH] icu-config emits prefix with extra newline) closed by Infinoid
14:01 Ticket #736 ([PATCH] icu-config emits prefix with extra newline) created by hv
Having fetched, built and installed latest release icu library (configured …
13:03 Ticket #735 (path for installed header files) created by gerd
This patch changes the path for installed header files und the pkgconfig …
11:22 BranchDescriptions edited by bacek
Remove tt452_reduce_mmd branch (diff)
02:35 BranchDescriptions edited by coke
01:02 Ticket #734 (Branch cleanup: pdd30_install) created by jkeenan
I examined this branch to determine whether we still need to retain it at …
00:22 Ticket #733 (Branch cleanup: pdd30install_stage4) created by jkeenan
Using these commands: […] I inspected what was done in this branch to …


19:13 Ticket #732 (Coroutine contexts not getting freed) created by coke
running valgrind against tcl to identify memory leaks, I found that the …


23:24 Ticket #731 (can't tell if an OS file is executable from parrot) created by coke
Need this functionality for partcl's [file executable]
23:15 Ticket #730 ([bug] IMCC chokes on unicode strings as method call names) created by pmichaud
IMCC doesn't appear to accept unicode strings as method call names. …
23:09 Ticket #480 ([PATCH] Display assembly filenames when compiling, like C filenames are) closed by jkeenan
wontfix: Two months have passed since the last post to this thread. There has been …
16:55 Ticket #729 (Segfault on printing a String PMC assigned a null string) created by jonathan
The following code segfaults... […]
06:12 Ticket #728 (r39273 breaks 'make test' for tcl) created by coke
As of r39273, partcl's 'prove t/tcl_misc.t' fails some tests. the …
05:36 Ticket #727 (remove config steps 'auto:macports' and 'auto:fink') created by coke
These darwin-only steps should be removed, and replaced with updates to …
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