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16:59 Ticket #671 ([PATCH] Rewrite of t/pmc/array.t to PIR) closed by barney
done: Replying to bobw: > This patch converts t/pmc/array.t from …
16:47 ParrotQuotes edited by cotto
bacek++ and chromatic++ commiserate over code quality (diff)
14:47 Ticket #747 (Constants in library.h are not available as PASM constants) created by barney
At least in t/library/pcre.t uses the hard coded value '2' instead of the …
13:21 Ticket #746 (pdd19 fails t/codingstd/pdd_format.t) created by coke
[…] This line was changed in this commit: […]


18:58 Parrot Virtual Machine Workshop 2009 edited by jkeenan
Add location of workshop mailing list (diff)


23:43 Ticket #745 (Make `newclass <STR>` and `newclass <PMC>` consistent) closed by Infinoid
19:18 Ticket #745 (Make `newclass <STR>` and `newclass <PMC>` consistent) created by Austin_Hastings
(I have marked this "bug" because a reading of the code suggests the …
12:22 Ticket #742 (Parrot::Test::Util::create_tempfile() cannot handle DIR option on Cygwin) closed by jkeenan
fixed: file.t now producing …
11:38 Ticket #744 (Assertion Failure with steme and rakudo) created by tene
1) Have an installed Rakudo available. 2) Build steme, from …
04:41 Ticket #743 (Add 'inspect' method to Sub PMC) closed by cotto
invalid: The inspect opcode works fine for this purpose, as verified in #parrot.
04:12 Ticket #743 (Add 'inspect' method to Sub PMC) created by Austin_Hastings
Presently, Sub PMC has inspect() and inspect_str() functions defined, …
01:39 Ticket #266 (Packfile API cleanup: rename Parrot_readbc to Parrot_pbc_read, _loadbc => ...) closed by jkeenan
fixed: Replying to jkeenan: > > Now, since we are past 1.1, I …
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