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23:42 Ticket #193 (segfault using -t1) closed by coke
fixed: Now this doesn't run out of memory OR segfault.
23:30 Ticket #10 (-r33351 causes tcl segfault) closed by coke
fixed: This segfault no longer occurs.
17:38 Ticket #752 (Parrot concatenates iso-8859-1 and utf8 incorrectly) closed by pmichaud
fixed: Problem now fixed in r39572 -- turns out we needed a more sophisticated …


23:03 Ticket #763 (Test/More.pir's is_deeply() needs work with hash corner cases) created by Infinoid
is_deeply() seems to compare simple hashes just fine. However, I have …
00:50 Ticket #762 (parrot_config --dump: libparrot_linkflags, rpath_blib contain references ...) created by ingmar
If parrot is installed to a staging area (ie DESTDIR=/foo passed to the …
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22:27 Ticket #761 ([RFC] Keys/Iterator deuglyfying.) created by bacek
Hello. […] Any comments/suggestions are welcome. -- Bacek
13:28 Ticket #760 (readline_interactive method no longer returns PMCNULL on eof) created by flh
Sending EOF to the standard input (typically: hitting Control-G) does not …
13:19 Ticket #759 (Reconsider one-test-file-per-PMC policy) created by jkeenan
test_file_coverage.t was added by particle in January 2006. […] It …
08:31 Ticket #758 (Fix problems on openbsd/hppa) created by reezer
Hi, I have been running smoke tests for openbsd/hppa for a while, but I'm …
07:51 Ticket #757 (Problem with threads and HLLs) created by tene
clone_interpreter() fails an assert when I try to spawn a new thread while …
00:34 Ticket #756 (invalid PMC causes bus error with const.) created by coke
This PIR causes a bus error (note that the specified PMC type doesn't …
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