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Add link to TapTinder (diff)
21:59 Ticket #726 ([PATCH] Reduce calls to mem_sys_allocate() when creating a Hash) closed by Infinoid
done: This patch was committed in r39594.
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21:09 Ticket #568 (hll interop) reopened by whiteknight
Actually, no. I goofed. This ticket should stay non-closed.
21:08 Ticket #568 (hll interop) closed by whiteknight
invalid: Closing this, there is absolutely no information in this ticket (has a …
19:16 Ticket #754 (cross-HLL export/import is experimental) closed by japhb
17:21 Ticket #750 (Failures in examples_tests - t/examples/pod.t - fails 9 tests) closed by whiteknight
14:33 Ticket #281 ('make testf' fails on 32bit linux i386 (debuginfo.t)) closed by whiteknight
fixed: This test failure was fixed yesterday in r39576 by the patch from …
14:31 Ticket #751 (test failures related to src/pmc/handle.pmc) closed by whiteknight
fixed: I fixed this test a while back. It does nothing but try to create a Handle …
12:57 Milestone 1.3 completed
stable monthly
12:24 Ticket #765 (zero-length files from "make html") created by whiteknight
The command "make html" produces a small number of files that have zero …
00:34 Ticket #725 ([PATCH] Add c-level branch prediction annotations) closed by Infinoid
wontfix: I spent some more time working on this, for very little gain. Don't …
00:18 Ticket #764 (t/codingstd/c_indent.t needs to handle indents after #ifdef better) created by jkeenan
The following was part of a modification made to …


23:42 Ticket #193 (segfault using -t1) closed by coke
fixed: Now this doesn't run out of memory OR segfault.
23:30 Ticket #10 (-r33351 causes tcl segfault) closed by coke
fixed: This segfault no longer occurs.
17:38 Ticket #752 (Parrot concatenates iso-8859-1 and utf8 incorrectly) closed by pmichaud
fixed: Problem now fixed in r39572 -- turns out we needed a more sophisticated …


23:03 Ticket #763 (Test/More.pir's is_deeply() needs work with hash corner cases) created by Infinoid
is_deeply() seems to compare simple hashes just fine. However, I have …
00:50 Ticket #762 (parrot_config --dump: libparrot_linkflags, rpath_blib contain references ...) created by ingmar
If parrot is installed to a staging area (ie DESTDIR=/foo passed to the …
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