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17:16 Ticket #777 (.HLL should not case-mangle its arg) created by coke
In many cases, .HLL 'Donut' is the same as .HLL 'donut'; however, in some …
15:03 Ticket #776 (segfault in Parrot_str_equal...) created by coke
Tcl has a TclString PMC - I'm working on renaming that to TclStringPMC and …


23:31 Ticket #724 ([bug] Parrot fails numeric conversion of ucs2 strings) closed by bacek
fixed: No objections raised. Closing ticket.
22:01 Ticket #775 (Simplify makefile rules on windows.) created by MoC
Windows XP Professional, ActivePerl, dmake 4.11 …
18:23 Ticket #774 (deprecate PMC multiple inheritance) created by cotto
I'd like to deprecate the behavior of pmc2c which allows C-level PMC …
17:37 Ticket #773 (Can't override vtables of a PMC from PIR) created by coke
This seems like it should print "ok 1", but prints "not ok 1" instead: …
16:39 Ticket #772 ([BUG] Duplicate identifier in PGE;Perl6Grammar.compile) created by NotFound
In the compile method at runtime/parrot/library/PGE/Perl6Grammar.pir:139 …
16:36 Ticket #771 ([bug] Duplicate identifier in Test;More.is_deeply) created by NotFound
In the method is_deeply in runtime/parrot/library/Test/More.pir:475 the …
16:17 Ticket #770 (urls for "supported releases" say "stable") created by pmichaud
When following the link to "Current supported release" on …
16:15 Ticket #769 (downloads link on parrot.org points to wrong tarball) created by pmichaud
The "Current developer release" link on  http://www.parrot.org/download
15:17 Ticket #768 (Writing my custom essay) closed by coke
15:09 Ticket #768 (Writing my custom essay) created by Geero


20:28 Ticket #767 (imcc allows multiple .locals of the same name) reopened by NotFound
Not a blocker, but after discussion in irc a test revealed a lot of …
18:34 Ticket #767 (imcc allows multiple .locals of the same name) closed by cotto
18:34 Ticket #767 (imcc allows multiple .locals of the same name) created by cotto
A variety of code generating tools (PGE, PCT) like the ability to be able …
18:27 Ticket #766 (Documentation keyword tagging) created by Joshua Hoblitt <jhoblitt@…>
Add X<> entries to all Parrot docs so they can be index with Pod::Index. …
13:03 Ticket #714 (can't copy undef to null) closed by whiteknight
fixed: Okay, I'm marking this ticket as resolved now, pending any disagreements …
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