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part 5 from meeting notes
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part 1 from meeting notes
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15:13 Ticket #784 (subclassing breaks multi dispatch) created by coke
This code looks like it should print "1" twice... […] But dies on the …
14:14 Ticket #783 (Lack of garbage-collectible packfiles can lead to memory leaks) created by coke
The attached script leaks and eventually PANICs out of memory.
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Whiteknight meets Larry (diff)


21:49 Ticket #782 (src/pmc/env.t confuses compiler specific and platform specific macros) created by moritz
From src/pmc/env.pmc (lines 23 and onwards) […] This causes build …
18:40 Ticket #781 ([CAGE] Copyedit docs/user/pir/*) created by japhb
These introductory docs are in need of some cleanup, copyediting and so …
11:31 Ticket #780 ([RFC] deprecated parrot_new_pointer_hash and parrot_new_cstring_hash) created by bacek
Hello. Currently parrot's hash (not PMC Hash) officially supports …


21:12 Ticket #779 ([tools] modify fetch_languages.pl to only fetch a specific language) created by s1n
In some cases, only a specific language is desired (and not all). The …
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15:48 Ticket #778 (Make FileHandle Subclassable) created by whiteknight
There were some other related tickets (I can't find them now) about this, …
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